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Throughout the run, Steel's brother Clay Irons has been lurking in the background, secretly working to keep Steel and Natasha safe in his own criminal way -- that and taking possession of a pair of Steel's flight boots. This issue, we get his full story.

Until the day Hosun's activities got them targeted for assassination. Hosun was murdered, but Clay Irons/Crash faked his own death and went into witness protection.

Add in ten years' passage of time, and we're where we were at Crash's first appearance (as seen in Part 4 of this series of posts): He's living an idyllic life with a new wife and kids, but old enemies find out his new identity and kill his new family. He decides he has to do something to make sure the same fate doesn't befall his first family.

He accesses Hosun's secret safe room and takes the $175 million still stored there.

I swear, sometimes it feels like this guy wandered in from a different book. Also, check out his nifty new face mask-thing.

Over at Garden State Medical Center, John Irons has a visitor.

Oh, somebody's jealous. But not enough to actually do anything.

The "bad guy" the Cardinal's after is none other than Crash. He's pieced together that Crash has been going after people who have targeted the Irons family (e.g. the racist cops, Kilo), so there must be some connection.

Crash, in his witness protection identity of Reggie Glover, attends a meeting:

Pull back to reveal Crash's men, all wearing copies of Steel's flight boots, hovering outside the 73rd floor restaurant, surrounding it in a ring. (Hey, remember when he took Steel's boots from the cop? That's why.)

They look pretty spiffy and distinctive in their matching outfits, actually. I've run up against the legal page limit, so here's them on the cover. Check it out.

The invasion of the flying wiseguys.

The crime bosses have no choice but to acquiesce.

He jumps out of the plane; he doesn't trust the Cardinal for obvious reasons. Now that Steel knows Crash's location, he'll seek answers there himself. Mr. White and Mr. Black turn out to be awesomely powerful androids who give chase...

...but he defeats them through clever MacGyver-ish usage of that surgical tape Amanda handed him. Chekhov's gun goes BANG.

Steel confronts Crash in the elevator shaft of the Peachtree.

"My name is Crash. This is my gun." And the next thing Steel knows...

The issue ends with Crash eating bulgogi with the Seoul man, who we find out is Hosun's brother. Crash is feeling kind of bummed. He's doing what he's doing to protect his brother, but in doing so he's also lost him.
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