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Oh, damn, just under the wire for Adult Comics Day. I apologize for the delay, guys! I meant to get this up this afternoon, but my brother is in town and he wanted to go see Tron. I like sharing porn with you all and everything, but c'mon. That's not even a choice.

Anyway. Small Favors, by Colleen Coover, is a self-professed girly porno comic collection. It's got lots and lots of lesbian sex and a wide palette of kinks, from the mundane bondage to the unusual size play. That last is on account of the main characters - Annie, a normal human (apart from her porn comic sex drive), and Nibbil, who's part of Annie's conscience given form and assigned to prevent her from masturbating (which she kind of does, actually, if only by keeping her so busy with partner sex). As a personified piece of a mental construct, Nibbil's usually about three inches tall, though she can take normal size at will.

Last time I posted Small Favors it was a story from the second volume, so this time we'll go a little earlier. Here's Annie and Nibbil on a typical day.

Janus is six kinds of hilarious and I love her.

You can probably guess where that goes. But hey, what a relief for Annie and Nibbil, right?

Date: 2010-12-20 09:25 am (UTC)
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Eros Comix and Mars Import are two places I know of.


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