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This is slightly a double dunter*, hitting the notes for both a didactic/message book and an alternate universe book. Ex Machina is, as the finale was at pains to point out, its own alternate universe and there's no "right" way for the characters to be. Like we saw with the wedding issue, Ex Machina is full of ideas. Usually when it's talking about political ideas it doesn't put them forward as The Best Way to do things. In Smoke Smoke, Hundred's stance on relaxing drug laws is countered by his aides' and the issues are just talked out. It's a series that consistently credits its readers with more than a modicum of intelligence and political awareness

This is from the Special #4, Grassroots and introduces us to the Gardener, who's a one off character. Like Pherson before him and The White after him, Gardener for his powers indirectly from the neighbours through the Great Machine.

Hundred's launching an initiative to have windmills on top of New York buildings. This is how one of the press views him, as a foolish crusader chasing silly causes.

It doesn't help that the paper in question is the only one that hasn't adopted Hundred's plan for newsprint to be based on recycled paper, which is better for the environment, but more expensive.

The journalist in question is later murdered by a man with shears who, when in police custody, tells the officers that Hundred told him to do it. Angotti calls Hundred down where he manages to wangle an interview (and turn the cameras off

Hundred dismisses the Gardener as a nut, but can't help but shake that some of what he said was right.

*Plus, I'm going out for 8 pints and a curry tomorrow night, so I won't be able to actually post tomorrow. At least, I don't think that I will.

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This is amusing because a major reason the comic collector market came into being is because wartime paper recycling made all those old comics very rare (and thus valuable).


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