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30 Days of Winter: Day 24 - Last Stands - Skurge at Gjallerbru

Greetings True Believers!

Any day of Last Stands must begin with the greatest of them all....the Tale of Skurge, the Executioner who stood alone at Gjallerbru.

Walt Simonson gave Skruge an ending so epic, so metal that the warriors and the skalds of the world unite in respect and honor.

His name was as Skurge! Say it, damn you, say it loud!

Hela, goddess of the dead and Hel stole mortals that were not hers to take in Midgard. The Thunderer and his warriors cannot allow this. So Thor, Balder and a crew of M-16 toting Einherjar travel to the realm of the dead to get them back. Skurge the Executioner. Ever the enemy of Thor and Balder travels with them. For he is tired of defeat, the mocking laughter of others and the way the Enchantress toys with his heart.

The battles are long and difficult but the forces of Asgard win back the stolen souls. They flee the underworld with the armies of Hel hot on their heels. At the end of Hela's kingdom is the Gjallerbru. A stand must be made here to delay the armies of evil.

"He stood alone at Gjallerbru...and that is answer is enough."

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[personal profile] pyrotwilight 2010-12-24 05:26 am (UTC)(link)
Truly an epic moment though I've never read that era of Thor. I say thee awesome.
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[personal profile] mistervader 2010-12-24 05:34 am (UTC)(link)
The one time I didn't mind seeing a mythic figure actually using a gun. So 90's, but timelessly badass all at the same time.
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[personal profile] mistervader 2010-12-24 05:57 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, I'm sorry. Something must have given me the idea this was a 90's thing...

I think it was this:
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[personal profile] mistervader 2010-12-24 06:03 am (UTC)(link)
Looking at the scans, yeah, that's definitely 80's art, on second thought. It was just the use of guns where it didn't seem apt that made me think it was a 90's comic.

Not nearly enough crosshatching to be 90's art.
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[personal profile] sherkahn 2010-12-24 06:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Nor pouches.
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[personal profile] polarisnorth 2010-12-24 06:39 am (UTC)(link)
I've got it and could send it to you, if you'd like.

And damn, I'm only twenty issues away from that in my reading. I wonder if I would be missing too much if I just skipped the entire Dark Age. Probably, and anyway the completist in me rebels at the thought. *sigh*
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[personal profile] badficwriter 2010-12-25 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
That cover angle of the gun and the "No more mr. nice guy" looks straight off of Frank Miller's classic Daredevil and Punisher matchup.
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[personal profile] arysteia 2010-12-24 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
I still don't know who these people are (well, except Thor, *g*) and I still don't care. I was waiting for you to post this. Awesome.
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[personal profile] polarisnorth 2010-12-24 06:20 am (UTC)(link)
I'd seen some of these scans before, but I just finished reading the whole arc for the first time, and it was so awesome. ♥ Walt Simonson. I also like that everyone seems to have agreed that it was so awesome that it should never be undone -- I think Skurge is possibly the only person in the Marvel Universe besides Uncle Ben who's actually stayed dead.
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[personal profile] hawkmoondirge 2010-12-24 06:24 am (UTC)(link)
You could argue swordsman, he's only been alive as a zombie/ chaos war.

Oh and baron zemo number 1! he's staye dead. :)
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[identity profile] 2010-12-24 09:31 pm (UTC)(link)
My grrly *tear* will stand up to your manly *tear*, Any. Day. Bub!
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[personal profile] bluefall 2010-12-25 01:03 am (UTC)(link)
Every. Single. Time. Half a dozen read-throughs for me now and still, every single time.
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[identity profile] 2010-12-25 02:53 am (UTC)(link)
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[personal profile] hawkmoondirge 2010-12-24 06:25 am (UTC)(link)
This is brilliant example of how to kill off a character. No fuss no big deal. The character does what they do and freaking loives it, and dies for a cause they appreciate. This strikes both an emotion and no emotion, for it doesn't make you sad, it makes you appreciate how complez a character Skurge was, and how under-used he truely was. Beyond that has anyone ever noticed supporting cast deraths are superior 99% of the time
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[personal profile] polarisnorth 2010-12-24 06:42 am (UTC)(link)
Re: supporting character deaths, I think it's because a) unlike main characters they have a much higher chance of sticking, so we get more emotional because we know they really might not be coming back (whereas if it's a hero we just go Like You Would Really Do It), and b) a lot of the time we find it easier to identify with a supporting character than a hero, who's generally an ideal. And if we do identify with the hero, then we're mourning the loss of their friend anyway.
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[personal profile] nezchan 2010-12-24 05:47 pm (UTC)(link)
That's why Crisis on Infinite Earths was such a big deal at the time. Not only did they Not Really Do It for lead character deaths, but they were frequently undone in the same issue. To have so many characters Really, Truly Dead, and the startling manner of Kara and Barry's deaths, it was shocking.

Today it's a little different, but it's still (narratively) nice to see a lead die, when they Really, Really Mean It.
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[personal profile] badficwriter 2010-12-25 02:35 am (UTC)(link)
We shall have to disagree.
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[personal profile] aaron_bourque 2010-12-24 07:20 am (UTC)(link)
I do not hope to die violently, but if I must, I can only hope my death is 1/100th as cool and badass as this.
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[personal profile] icon_uk 2010-12-24 07:25 am (UTC)(link)
Trouble with posting this is as the master post is, what the Hel can anyone else post which is a tenth as powerful or cool a moment.
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[identity profile] 2010-12-24 08:09 am (UTC)(link)
Thus the basis of it's allure?

[identity profile] 2010-12-24 09:19 am (UTC)(link)
Still get chills when I read this - and I first read it when it came out originally!
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[personal profile] valtyr 2010-12-24 11:13 am (UTC)(link)
This is magnificent, but my favourite bit is Skurge saying that Baldur is too kind to laugh at him.
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[personal profile] valtyr 2010-12-24 11:18 am (UTC)(link)
By which I should elaborate, my favourite heroes, in general, are the ones who are kind, and it's a quality often overshadowed by badassery and big fights. Grand gestures are great and I love them, but the sort of daily kindness that means Baldur's never laughed at Skurge is something I find very powerful, and Skurge's awareness and appreciation of that kindness is really touching.
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[personal profile] valtyr 2010-12-24 09:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes, definitely - Baldur is a genuinely decent person; not just saving people from monsters, but giving his cloak to a guy who's cold, without a moment's thought. Not that the other Asgardians aren't good people - it's one of the reasons I did like JMS's run, that the Asgardians were nice, like Hogun helping change a tyre - but Baldur is just, well, he's constantly thinking of the effects his actions have on others, he's genuinely introspective rather than emo or wangsty.

And I think that's even better because he's not super-smart or super-powerful, but he doesn't let that stop him from giving his all, whether it's going after enemies or trying to lead a fractious court. Yes, moving in with Doom was pretty stupid, but Baldur gave it thought and felt it was the best decision he could make at the time, and could explain his reasoning. And he is genuinely and sincerely remorseful when he doesn't live up to his own standards.

Yeah, he's a fantastic supporting character; I loved the Thor-Loki-Baldur interplay in JMS's run.
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[identity profile] 2010-12-24 10:08 pm (UTC)(link)
*That's* the other posting of this topic I remember, and the other scan that you mentioned!

I'll admit, I *still* have issues with the inkings done, in this era (had a tendency to look rather sloppy; I had similar issues with certain titles in the INFERNO storyline, for similar reasons) but this is one of the few that actually sits well ... also one of the few times that Balder's old armour doesn't bug me (but it still reminds me of 'dueling Pac-Men', on top of his head)

I know - one man's drink, another's poison!
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[personal profile] polarisnorth 2010-12-24 08:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Motto. I love kind heroes. Balder when he's written well is one of my favorites. (Steve will probably always be first, though.)
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[personal profile] jlroberson 2010-12-24 01:21 pm (UTC)(link)
I remember this as when I started gradually not being as excited to buy this and a few months later, my last issue of it was my last Marvel till about 1999. The reason was this was when I noticed Marvel trying to insert freaking guns, bigger and bigger all the time, into their comics, even in a place where people have magic hammers that can bring down the sky. I wondered why Marvel spent so much time promoting guns and other weapons. Some of the Punisher stuff then was even worse--there was some HANDBOOK type special which detailed each and every one of his weapons, not all of which were fanciful. That's a fetish I associate with Larry Hama, Marvel's answer to John Milius.
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[personal profile] amaniwolf 2010-12-24 02:31 pm (UTC)(link)
I remember this,....all i could think I had hated Skurge and then he was gone. I recall Thor speaking with i think Balder about Loki's death and he said something that fits this completely. He lived poorly, but he died well.
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[personal profile] halloweenjack 2010-12-24 05:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Simonson's run has many crowning moments of awesome (as I'm sure most s_ders know by now), but I love this issue so hard it's not even funny.

It also reminds me of someone I read about recently, who made his stand and lived:

One grenade fell on the lip of Gurung’s trench. He quickly grabbed it and hurled it back at the enemy. Almost immediately another grenade came over. This one fell directly inside the trench. Again Gurung snatched it up and threw it back.

A third grenade landed just in front of the trench. Gurung attempted to throw it back, but it exploded in his hand, blowing off his fingers, shattering his right arm and severely wounding him in the face, body and right leg. His two comrades were also badly wounded and lay helpless in the bottom of the trench.

The enemy, screaming and yelling, now formed up shoulder to shoulder and attempted to rush the position by sheer weight of numbers. Gurung, regardless of his wounds, loaded and fired his rifle with his left hand and kept up a steady rate of fire.

The attacks came in wave after wave, but the Japanese were beaten back with heavy losses. For four hours Gurung remained alone at his post, calmly waiting for each new onslaught, firing into his attackers at point blank range, determined not to yield an inch of ground. His comrades could hear him shouting: “Come and fight a Gurkha!”

nezchan: For emotional moments (waaah!)

[personal profile] nezchan 2010-12-24 05:20 pm (UTC)(link)
This whole day is going to make me cry, I know it.

Oh damn, and there's an entry about Eddy.
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[personal profile] bewareofgeek 2010-12-24 07:14 pm (UTC)(link)
I feel I have to defend the guns in this case, as the crown of a long subplot in this Thor era.

Basically, when Surtur invaded Earth, everyone and his uncle came out to help, including the 82nd Airborne. And they met up with the armies of Asgard (the Einherjar) after it was all over, and (as soldiers are wont to do) did some "horse trading".

In other words, the Einherjar ended up with a couple of cases of M-16s. And when the time came to invade Hel, they took the new weapons along, leading to an earlier scene in this issue where we see Harokin, leader of the Einherjar, give this immortal command:

"This is our moment! The weapons we took from Midgard shall speak to Hela in a tongue she can understand! Close up the ranks... and on my signal-..."


Bad. Ass.
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[personal profile] badficwriter 2010-12-25 02:42 am (UTC)(link)
"Whenever they laugh, I hurt inside."

Love emo.
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[personal profile] badficwriter 2010-12-25 10:45 am (UTC)(link)
You just say that because it's internet cool to make fun of people who say that they hurt inside.
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[personal profile] badficwriter 2010-12-25 08:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Living is for wusses!
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[personal profile] pallas_athena 2010-12-25 06:11 am (UTC)(link)
It is impossible that anything should be more epic or metal than this. NONE MORE METAL.

Mind you, I end up saying that about a lot of Simonson Thor.