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30 Days of Winter Day 24: Last Stand of a Titan

The first thing you need to know here is, several issues earlier, Kid Eternity found a loophole in Eddie's contract with Neron that rendered it void. Neron had to forfeit his claim on Eddie's soul, but as a result Eddie lost his powers. He spent the next few issues struggling to either regain his powers or find a way to fit into the Teen Titans team dynamic as a mundane.

So while the rest of the Titans were busy fighting the Fearsome Five on The Rock, only Eddie was in a position to realize the whole island was a giant nuclear booby-trap.

And that is why the statue doesn't have horns and a tail, folks. He don't need no stinkin' horns.

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I know it's comic books and all, but nuclear explosions don't work that way.

In fact, Eddie did an extremely stupid thing by taking whoever that is through the atmosphere.

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I meant in the "taking them out of the atmosphere is a better idea than leaving them in the building on the ground that is built to at least be resistant to that kind of thing." way. What Eddie did was actually astronomically stupid and dangerous.

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You're probably right. It's most likely my dislike of Kid Devil that is coloring my reaction to this.
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I don't follow Titans because I got bored of the horrible, horrible mortality rate. It seems like every month another of them goes.
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That's an actual cover. I think it's the cover to the issue on the original post, even. But, it's just so amazingly appropriate.
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I have to wonder if one of the upper editors just hates the Titans. They've really not been well handled as a franchise for a while.
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Hope you don't read New X-men then. The mortality rate there pretty much goes at 12 students per two issues dead.
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Of all the mortality present in that title, that was like the only one handled well.

Which should tell you how good it was overall.
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Aren't all of the Titans from the Perez run currently alive? I seem to recall that they've rarely died (hell, I don't think Dick ever has) since they were introduced as a team, which stands in stark contrast to now.
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Considering it looks as if Blue Beetle's going to get it in a few months, that's another one gone. Though he might come back.

If Jaime gos, I'm going to be pissed.

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That's not to mention that someone willing to sell his soul for power isn't the most reliable person to have on a team.
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The Titans and the junior X-Men should have a 'total dead' competition cos they seem to be in one....
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say what you want about this iteration of the Titans, Eddie went out a Big Damn hero, hope him and Wash are playing with their dinosaurs somewhere :)

[personal profile] psychopathicus_rex 2010-12-25 08:19 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, most of that book - what I read of it, anyway - was pretty annoying, but this was good. This was true heroism, a thing which, I don't care what some people say, never ever EVER goes out of style. Cynicism and antiheroes and villain protagonists may sell well and even be entertaining, but a true hero doing truly heroic things just makes a part of the mind go quietly 'yeah. That's the stuff.'
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There's a story out there (told by Dan Didio at a con) that the original writer of this story (Miller?) had a plan to bring Eddie back but Didio told him that if they killed Eddie off, he would stay dead. So...the writer killed him anyway and since then Didio has made a point of saying again and again that DC's so-called new "Dead is dead" rule for characters begins with Kid Devil and he's not coming as long as DD is in charge, even though he was killed off before Blackest Night (when the rule supposedly went into effect).