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30 Days of Winter Day 24: Last Stand of a Titan

The first thing you need to know here is, several issues earlier, Kid Eternity found a loophole in Eddie's contract with Neron that rendered it void. Neron had to forfeit his claim on Eddie's soul, but as a result Eddie lost his powers. He spent the next few issues struggling to either regain his powers or find a way to fit into the Teen Titans team dynamic as a mundane.

So while the rest of the Titans were busy fighting the Fearsome Five on The Rock, only Eddie was in a position to realize the whole island was a giant nuclear booby-trap.

And that is why the statue doesn't have horns and a tail, folks. He don't need no stinkin' horns.

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Yeah, most of that book - what I read of it, anyway - was pretty annoying, but this was good. This was true heroism, a thing which, I don't care what some people say, never ever EVER goes out of style. Cynicism and antiheroes and villain protagonists may sell well and even be entertaining, but a true hero doing truly heroic things just makes a part of the mind go quietly 'yeah. That's the stuff.'
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