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One of my favorite comic book deaths, probably because it was my first.

From Superboy #203, written by Cary Bates, art by Mike Grell.

I've chosen not to reproduce the first 13 or so pages of this comic, mainly just to keep the page count legal. So, a quick summary of the events up until now.

The story begins with several uniformed invaders entering Legion headquarters, attempting to access the Legion museum. All are thwarted save one, who turns out to be Element Lad. That's right, it's a Legion training exercise--but there should have been a Legionnaire on duty in the museum. It turns out that Invisible Kid was on duty, but he appears collapsing on the floor.

They take him to the infirmary and after a mento scan then find that he was more or less shirking his duties, as he was visiting another dimension at the time to see his up to now unknown girlfriend Myla. Her dimension only seems accessible to Invisible Kid, as his powers allow him to visit the dimension. Well, current Legion leader Mon-El is pissed, and forbids him from turning invisible for a week. Invisible Kid isn't happy, but accepts his punishment. He plans to return to the dimension after his punishment is over and ask Myla to be his wife.

Meanwhile, Dream Girl has one of her premonitions, and it's a doozy. Validus is on his way to attack. Since the only way that Validus can be controlled is by Tharok, Superboy hightails it to Takron-Galtos to check up on the half-man, half-robot member of the fatal five. He finds this:

Death of Invisible Kid pg. 1

Meanwhile, the Legion is tracking a fast flying, object that's just entered their solar system:

Death of Invisible Kid pg. 2

Death of Invisible Kid pg. 3

Death of Invisible Kid pg. 4

Remember, this is the same Superboy who at the time could easily move planets around. Validus takes him out like the trash. Sun Boy and Karate Kid try, but they're less than useless.

Mon-El has a go:

Death of Invisible Kid pg. 5

Nope. So that's the two most powerful Legionnaires tossed aside like rag dolls.

However, Invisible Kid's figured out how Validus is being controlled. Remember that whole "Legion Museum" thing? Well, one of the items on display is Tharok's robot brain. That's how Validus is being controlled.

Unfortunately, Invisible Kid has run out of time.

Death of Invisible Kid pg. 6

All's not too terrible for Lyle, however. He gets to be with his lady love:

Death of Invisible Kid pg. 7

One of the reasons I've always loved this story is seeing just how much of a bad ass Validus really was. He pretty much punked the Legion out without breaking a sweat. I don't think he's given this sort of treatment anymore.
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