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Nemesis #4 (of 4)

The comic's backmatter gives the genesis of this cover:

"Here's a little extra treat for all of you Nemphomaniacs. Just to prove his renaissance man-ishness, Mark decided to put the keyboard away and pick up a pencil and draw the variant cover for this issue."

The good guys eventually succeed in killing Nemesis.

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Interesting shot there at the end, at Hollywood. A bite, in fact, at the very hand that feeds him. Except it's more like he's the hand feeding THEM. So it seems a mite hypocritical as Millar is a prime mover in Hollywood's current glut of superhero stuff. And that this is obviously destined to be a movie(the whole comic is basically a storyboard). And Millar is also a major culprit of the past decade's attempts to make comics storytelling more like movies--and not even GOOD movies, but the kind Emmerich or Bay do. Which I think is a mistake, as commercial as it might seem, because comics and film really have nothing in common as media. Which was why, for instance, as messy as it was, I liked Bendis & Cho's MIGHTY AVENGERS because of the massive number of panels and thought balloons. It was nice looking at a mainstream comic that was ACTING like a comic.

That said, I wasn't expecting any more of this than well-crafted diversion and it delivered as far as that's concerned. I'm used to Ennis and Mills, so its pure meanness doesn't put me off. It's a hell of a lot more fun to read than KICK-ASS, which I found repulsive, though that might have had to do with the strange, gratuitous liberal-bashing. What exactly IS MIllar's understanding of American culture? Because Hit-Girl's--and her dad's--expressed beliefs did not seem ironically meant. MiIlar's been spouting that weird sort of seeming RW pandering ever since ULTIMATES and I'm not sure if any satire is intended by it. If so it's clumsy.
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The funny thing is that it's not really "biting" the hand that feeds him. Hollywood loves *anything* that focuses on Hollywood, whether the attention is positive or negative. Hell, darker, cynical works get slavered over even more.

He pretty much gave this the perfect ending to make sure some producer is even more guaranteed to pick this up. Who wouldn't be tempted by an ending that shows himself as the ultimate , untouchable power behind the scenes?
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Wow, the way you put it, Hollywood could be part of one of The Plastics in high school. The attention slob.
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You say that like it is a new development.