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Worlds' Finest

The Batman and Superman (and Robin) of the 853rd century return in Superman/Batman 79...

Time-traveling villain Epoch arrives in the 853rd century and begins making trouble at Metro-Dome One on the planet Mercury.

He steals some snazzy armor being kept as a trophy in the Batcave, which was his plan all along.

His next task is to retrieve his equipment that was confiscated when he was captured. First stop, the JLA HQ orbiting Jupiter, where his "anti-hourglass" has been taken as a trophy.

After that, it's to the Fortress of Solitude on Earth, where his chrono-cube has been stored.

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Oh! You're right! I was thinking how he was familiar, but yeah! He was the villain of Morrison's JLA/Wildcats crossover!

...I recall that didn't end all that well.