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TWO new Black Cat "Batman and Son's" Stories for Mother's Day (The US version at any rate)

Mother's Day in the UK in the fourth Sunday in Lent, in the US I believe it's the first second Sunday in May....

In any event, I come bearing a treat for us all..

I love the bow-ties! (Even TERRY has one!) (late note: And I see the boys are in full length formal capes, which somehow DOES make them more serious looking.)

Trust Timmy to be the voice of reason... Make you just want to gather them up in a group hug, and the final cameo by the ghost of Mrs Wayne waving an unseen (except maybe by Terry) goodbye to her son and grandsons... sniff...

And if you think that was bad, THIS one will have you bawling....

The author notes (on her deviant_art page) that she debated whether to have Terry already in his bat-suit when he arrived, but decided that that was how everyone already knew him in this universe, so why change it now?

I ADORE Batman's smile when Terry giggles at him at the first time, and if you're heart doesn't break for Selina here, well, I don't want to know you, it's as simple as that.

Excuse me, I think I have to go dry my eyes, and then phone my Mum, just to say hello!

I think we all agree that we should off a massive thank you, as always, to the founder of the feast, so let's hear it for [profile] the_dark_cat!