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So this was a two-issue story set after the events of Young Justice issue which Bart has crazy powers.


But, you are surely asking yourself, how did Bart get these powers in the first place? I'll let him explain.

We go back to Carol, who says that Bart has "saved the rainforests, the whales, and the comic book industry! You've created flying cars! That run on water! You've fed the hungry and housed the poor...but...well...there have been some...problems..."

She explains that since all the cars run on water, the petroleum industry was ruined, putting millions out of work; the cars are producing steam that have messed with global weather patterns; all the talking dogs are threatening to revolt; he made the Justice League happier but the villains have become more nasty than ever; and countries all over the world are fighting for water rights to fuel their hover cars.

Bart decides to use his magic to fix those problems, but Carol stops him, and the crazy purple magic knocks her to the ground.

Did Max just...break through the panel? Damn.

So apparently Max used the speed force to get to limbo and talk to the Phantom Stranger who's been trying to convince the Quintessence to interfere and remove Bart's magic.


And then we go back to Bart, where Carol is revealing more problems, such as:

Some time later, Don and Dawn Allen have a talk with Bart.

"Bart, if you magically saved us, wouldn't that change the outcome of the battle with the Dominators? Wouldn't we have inadvertently doomed mankind?"

(Barry Allen could never come back, that would be crazy, lol)

So Max and the Stranger take Bart into the speed force to try to convince him to let them take his powers.

If you're wondering what the note is about, he put Carol's notebook into the Stranger's pocket so he could get it after he lost his memory and figure out where in the future she was.

But that's another issue.

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I want this Bart back :(

Also, omg rare Tornado Twins cameo?! How many issues have they appeared in total? 15 at most?


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