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Some spoilers for the Osborn series in which awesomeness prevails.

Starring, Father (nofirstnamementionedyet) Coulmier!!!

You know, this guy:

Fivescans from Osborn #2: in which we have a Normie fanboy

So to quickly recap: When Coulmier first appeared, he came off as a pretty nice guy, but not a pushover, though his patience was long and he talked to four psychopath, mostly inhuman inmates without showing any fear. From the facial expressions, he was nice.

And then near the end of the first Osborn comic, we find out he's got a Green Goblin tattoo right beneath the nape of his neck.

From this, we in the comm that talks of these things settled on one conclusion: He worships Norman Osborn.

Perhaps jumping the gun a little, but by the second issue, none of our guesses have yet been proven wrong.

Okay, so what really struck me here is how very convincing (though not long-lasting) his poker face is. From his behavior towards Norman, we once again concluded two things, both of which are very possible.

One, he is well-studied in psychology, so his all his actions and reactions are well-gauged to fit the situation to his advantage.
Two, he is well-studied in Norman Osborn.

Yup. This may be as bad as Coat from the Young Masters of Evil, but with less fan girl squeeing.

And it helps absolutely nothing that the first time I saw his worried face on the same page as the reveal of the Goblin tattoo, my first thought--without thinking of that particular word in a year now-- was "OH MY GOD HE'S AN UKE!"

I was.... an anime fangirl... and some of the faces in this art style (which is wonderful by the way--so expressive and charming and rough and absolutely gorgeous in the chaos pages) looked like those of anime that went by the name Haru Wo Daiteita.

Or maybe it was some other anime that I got mixed up with-- you know, never mind, we've strayed from the point.

MY POINT IS, I'd really like to see what DeConnick is planning with these characters. She's so good at writing every one, and of course, it's the somewhat good looking, subservient but not pathetic, all too human priest who catches my attention.

And just for the record, I totally had nothing to do with that priest kink meme prompt on marvelkinkv2. Nothing at all.

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Somewhat. It gives reason why Spider-Man sued him for libel and how Peter Parker could be part of such a lawsuit. It just never said why Spider-Man lets him do it.

It's not like Spider-Man could say "Quit printing lies about me or I'll beat you up" to Jameson. So, never mind then.


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