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That John Byrne sure likes to be mean to his characters

Four pages from NEXT MEN #(3)2, out this week...

Lemmie fix that headline for you

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"That John Byrne sure likes to be mean."
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Always interesting - and confusing - when the author just writes everyone as talking straight English, instead of using italics, <, or little asterixes to tell you what's being translated.

I believe Garth Ennis did that once. And in another WW2 comic, too.
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Hmm, I was reading that as that the German guy IS hearing it as German, but the guy doing the talking isn't actually speaking German.

That he's a broadcast telepath which means that anyone will understand him, but his own comprehension is normal, and if he doesn't speak German he'll have no idea what the other guy is saying.
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..What is going on?
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People learning the hard way the time travel isn't all running around with eccentricly dressed men with British accent in a police box or flying around in a blue and gold costume with your robot pal, I presume.
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Thanks. What awfully bad luck they seem to have had in where they landed.
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I'm assuming I don't know enough about the canon to get this.
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Hm, Dr Mengele I presume?

One of those Nazi scientists who people like to portray as some kind of master geneticist when he really was just some demented throwback to the timers when surgeons could give you a short back and sides after they sawed off your foot.

Only without the logic. And more collections of eyes pinned to cards.

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'Next Men' is still going? I thought it wrapped up years ago.
That being said, I've never read it, and have no idea who these characters are, so I'm probably not the best one to talk.
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It went on hiatus. A very loooong hiatus. It only came back a month or so ago.

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I'll say it was long - didn't that book initially come out in the mid-'80's or so?
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Early 90s, I believe.

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OK, so not quite as long as I'd thought. Still, long.
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Well...that's just depresssing.

So not only does she get beat and lashed she's also apparently not quick on the uptake with what's going on at all? I mean their outfits are pretty stand out and historical.

May as well throw in the slave master raping her for giggles. *headshake*
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I assume she thought they were a bunch of historical reenactors who got a little too into it.
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Going by the haircut, is the familiar doctor Dr. Milo?