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Batgirl #17 - fun fun fun 'til Daddy takes the Batpod away

2 and 2/3 pages from Batgirl #17, plus small preview image. My love for Steph/Damian team-ups continues to grow with this issue. Batgirl and Robin are investigating a series of kidnappings of upper-middle-class children (as opposed to Damian's 'child of the super-rich' class), and begin by trailing a group of schoolkids on a field trip to the museum. One of them has to go undercover and blend while the other serves as mission runner. Guess who's which, and how well it works out?

Observing Damian's attempts to mix with the schoolchildren, Steph discovers the chink in his armor.

The kidnappers acquire their target, but not for long with this ragtag team on their necks! After, Batgirl and Robin debrief and decompress.

What indeed? ;D

Nifty, no?