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So 'dead means dead,' huh?

Unless you're a big name writer's pet character, I guess.

Congo Bill is still looking for his pal Malavar, the gorilla scientist who Prometheus kidnapped back in CRY FOR JUSTICE. From what he's been able to piece together, Malavar escaped and was last seen searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth. Figuring that wherever the Fountain is, it's their best lead, Bill and Starman seek out an individual they know for a fact knows its location.

They track down the Fountain of Youth, which turns out be a Lazarus Pit, in Florida. Malavar's there too.

Some bad guys attack, so Blue and Gold and friends have to fend them off long enough for Malavar's friend to fully resurrect. They do, and he does:

They use the JLA teleporters to send him home.

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Meh. Marginal approval for un-murdering the queer character he offed in Cry For Justice.

ETA: Blue raspberry Starman is still very pretty, if a bit ham-handed.
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Oh, lord. OK, having now read the big reveal, Starman's "gay doesn't work that way" lecture is officially the most absurd thing I have read in the last month. Reminds me of that page in AF v.2 where Northstar protests that he's not The Gay One, then spends the rest of the page pontificating OOC-ly on gay acceptance and how homosexuality is not a choice.

Dear writers,

These are characters, not soap boxes, K? If you want to prove how progressive you are, just do a good job writing my favorite queer characters in-character and as well-rounded individuals, and save the lectures for the message boards, OK?

No love,
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this actually happened to me *see above
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What makes it absurd is that Robinson has the character protesting that you can't just put two gay people together because they happen to be gay and expect them to start dating, when that seems to be just what he has planned with Taz and Starman. It's ham-handed taken on its own, but I'd still like it all right if he'd actually followed through on the sentiment behind it. Taken in larger context, however, it's laughable.
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I've heard pretty much exactly that from someone set up on a blind date. They ended up in a long and happy relationship anyway.
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I don't remember Robinson saying that they would be dating in their very next appearance. Just that that was his plan, without a time frame.
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One panel /= a soapbox
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I thought this was fine, too. I've been in conversations exactly like this. And in at least one case have been totally protesting too much :)
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Not to take anything away from your anger, but I agree with the other posters as well. People make broad assumptions about each other--even the people that they love and care about--and it eventually falls on the person to correct their friends/loved ones. That's not the world's tallest soap box!

I routinely have to listen to people make leaps in logic about what I'm into because I am a) black or b) a "liberal" or c) "into comics."

It's stuff that happens to people and talking about it is healthy, I think.