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Greetings True Believers!

The Joes and Autobots are back for another round of WWII adventures. Grimlock! Soundwave! Roadblock! The Baroness! Scarlett! Optimus! Cobra Commander! Battles, brotherhood and suggestive language!

I love this mini. Enjoy!

Let's start with Megatron talking to the Baroness.

Snake-Eyes plays matador with Ravage.

The battle is raging and the Joes run into one of the smaller and meanest Decepticons.

Ha, Rumble is such a dick. But Scarlett isn't taking this shit from a Decepticon with a Napoleon Complex.

Rumble goes boom and Bumblebee looks forward to more inter-species alliances.

I love this cover. Cobra Commander should always be over the top.

Grimlock and Roadblock are dangling off a cliff and Roadblock inspires, army-style.

I like this part, it's kinda sweet.

Time for a final showdown. Ninjas! Sharks!

Snake-Eyes drags his brother to the shore but his battle isn't finished yet. These two pages say everything that needs to be said about Snake-Eyes.

Yep, Snake-Eyes gives Chuck Norris nightmares.

And killing a Decepticon gives you permission to be emo.

The battle rages on and it's time for Grimlock to do some inspiring.

Optimus wonders if the Autobots should be fighting another race's war. He is shown Cobra's plans for the world.

Grimlock vs. Soundwave. Ha.

Snake-Eyes sneaks in to steal the Matrix from CC.

Cobra Commander is crippled by an explosion and Megatron offers him "mercy".

The battle reaches it's climax and OP makes the ultimate sacrifice for humanity.

And to finish it all off, a cover that should be an oil painting in my apartment.

I hope everyone enjoyed!
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