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When I first read Green Lantern, I was already well into the Kyle Rayner era. Later, reading up on Hal Jordan, I gathered that his character went a slow degradation over the 70s and 80s, starting with quitting his job and getting dumped by Carol Ferris, then wandering from job to job, girlfriend to girlfriend, and ultimately ending up as a middle-aged, unemployed loser.

I've started reading his old series only recently, and I found that towards the end Hal was actually starting to recover and get his life back on track. Sometime after the parts with Katma Tui getting murdered and John Stewart going to jail(posted here and here) Hal finally stops Star Sapphire and returns to Earth after a long abscence. From Green Lantern v.3 #25(38 pages),

First order of business is to get back his position as Green Lantern of Sector 2814. From Guy Gardner.

Hal's been in enough fights recently, so he tries to talk things over calmly. Guy remains Guy, and proceeds to give us a meta-commentary about Hal's screwed-up life.

Well, we all knew how this was gonna turn out from the start.

Guy loses his cool and the fight spills over into the city.

Meanwhile, Guy starts going berserk and Hal gets desperate seeing the collateral damage.

With John's assistance Hal persuades Guy to calm down. But Guy's in no mood to stop fighting and the two continue the match with a fist fight instead.

Uh oh. You touched a sore spot, Hal. Guy just gets angrier than ever.

This is basically Hal's defining moment in this issue. He thinks of all the problems he's been running away from and holds his ground. Guy may be younger and stronger, but he can't match Hal's strength of will.

It's not 'one punch', but everyone is nevertheless happy. I felt bad for Guy here. Sure, he was a jerk in that era, but...

And so begins Hal's path to recovery. Too bad at this point most readers had already given up on him. For better or worse though, this is where Hal's life was going before Emerald Twilight.

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I cut Guy a lot of slack in this era because of the brain-damage thing. Wasn't really aware of the whole "laughing at John about his wife dying" thing, but I'm just gonna file that under brain-damage. (It's like Hal fans filing stuff under the Parallax thing, it covers a lot of stuff.)

I don't actually know Guy from JLI years that well. From that period, I've just really read stuff about his relationship with Tora and stuff where he fanboys over General Glory.

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I like Guy a lot, and I do think beneath it all he's a decent guy, but I feel the same way about Hal Jordan. I guess I'm just defensive (and hard on) all the Lanterns and hate when one is propped up or put down at the expense of another (and it doesn't matter to me if it is the writers or the fans doing it. Can't we all just get along?).

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