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Fantastic Four 587

There's room for more than one member of the family to take the stage in this issue. Four pages under the cut.

Ten-cent recap: Namor set up the treaty-meeting as an excuse to kill the other Atlanteans because of an oral tradition passed down in the royal family that indicated they were going to try to take over everything, and use Susan as a sacrifice.

I will love Sue's expression there for all my days.

(In observance of my icon) I shall call this incident... "When an Undersea Ruler was Laid Low By That Which He Cannot Have!"

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I'd say he lost any right to say "Stay out of my business" when, from what I can see, he used her first. He manipulated Sue in order to gain control and gain an advantage in negotiations, he lied to her about his intentions, he used her, and then murdered someone in front of her. The fact it didn't turn out the way he'd cold-bloodedly planned is just though luck for him. He named her steward (I'm guessing) in advance.