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JL Generation Lost - Ice gets some new threads!

Ice has gotten something of a makeover recently

Personally I think her new costume is great

Spoilers for issue 18 of Generation Lost


Its a mix of her traditional look, with a smidge of her other looks included (the ice cutout makes a bit of a return, this time as a symbol).Thank god they ditched the T-shirt over her costume

EDIT: I apologise for any offense

ravenous_raven: A coffee cup with the Batsymbol on it (Batman Coffee Cup)

[personal profile] ravenous_raven 2011-01-27 02:26 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, it's on now. First Magog, then Max, Power Girl really has a good tendency to beat people who really have it coming.

Anyone have popcorn?
big_daddy_d: (Default)

[personal profile] big_daddy_d 2011-01-27 03:15 am (UTC)(link)
*Offers up bag*
ravenous_raven: Combo headshot of Cass Cain, Steph Brown, and Babs Gordon, the 3 Batgirls, "Bow to the Goddammned Batgirls" in a corner (Default)

[personal profile] ravenous_raven 2011-01-27 04:16 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you. Now to get seats near the action without somehow getting hit...
q99: (Default)

[personal profile] q99 2011-01-27 11:41 am (UTC)(link)
-Oh, it's on now. First Magog, then Max, Power Girl really has a good tendency to beat people who really have it coming.-

I'm not complaining. :)
mullon: (Default)

[personal profile] mullon 2011-01-27 03:16 am (UTC)(link)
Ice is trying really hard to stand exactly like Power Girl.
aaron_bourque: default (Default)

[personal profile] aaron_bourque 2011-01-27 05:22 am (UTC)(link)
"Let's see . . . she's got her feet spread out, her hands clenched, her head like so . . . oh, wait! Her hips aren't swayed!"
aaron_bourque: default (Default)

[personal profile] aaron_bourque 2011-01-27 06:06 am (UTC)(link)
OH! And so is Captain Atom. He knows what's what.
icon_uk: (Default)

[personal profile] icon_uk 2011-01-27 10:13 am (UTC)(link)
Except he's trying to go for that "Man of the beach", arm muscle flexing thing going on.
aaron_bourque: default (Default)

[personal profile] aaron_bourque 2011-01-28 01:19 am (UTC)(link)
Well, he doesn't have boobs, so has to do something else cliche.
big_daddy_d: (Default)

[personal profile] big_daddy_d 2011-01-27 03:17 am (UTC)(link)
That is a great look for Ice. One of those new looks that works for a character so very nice. Unlike the Tin Man look for Alan Scott...
ext_464783: (Default)

[identity profile] 2011-01-27 03:18 am (UTC)(link)
It really looks like a Legionnaire's costume to me.
shanejayell: (Question)

[personal profile] shanejayell 2011-01-27 03:49 am (UTC)(link)
As long as she doesn't start calling herself Polar Lass....
perletwo: blok made a funny (hee - blok & mysa)

[personal profile] perletwo 2011-01-27 03:57 am (UTC)(link)
I believe you're thinking of Polar Boy's original costume. Not a bad catch. Looks better on Tora though. :D
proteus_lives: (Default)

[personal profile] proteus_lives 2011-01-27 03:39 am (UTC)(link)
Rock those boots Ice!
icon_uk: (Default)

[personal profile] icon_uk 2011-01-27 02:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Ice has been wearing boots like that for a couple of decades I think...
tacobob: Mordecai Not Very Impressed (Default)

[personal profile] tacobob 2011-01-27 04:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Others: "HURRY! The Injustice League is coming!"
Ice: "SHOOSH! I'm brushing my boots!"
pyrotwilight: (Default)

[personal profile] pyrotwilight 2011-01-27 03:40 am (UTC)(link)
Isn't that essentially how Ice looked in Justice League Unlimited?
bwhahahabeck: (Default)

[personal profile] bwhahahabeck 2011-01-27 03:52 am (UTC)(link)
Thank god they ditched the T-shirt over her costume, Tora isn't a fat kid at a swimming pool
Wow. Was that necessary?
rdfox: Joker asking Tim Drake, "'Sup?" from Paul Dini's "Slay Ride" (Default)

[personal profile] rdfox 2011-01-27 04:35 am (UTC)(link)
Not really. Particularly since the reason that the Adam Hughes-designed costume she'd been wearing since the 90s featured the tank top was that she was fairly modest, and uncomfortable with wearing a spandex body stocking like Bea had selected for her.

Personally, I liked the Hughes look better; it's distinctive and different from any other heroine; this is basically just a standard superheroine costume with some fuzzy fringes.
bwhahahabeck: ([DC] gotham city sirens: hog-tied.)

[personal profile] bwhahahabeck 2011-01-27 04:39 am (UTC)(link)
I'm not talking about the costume. I'm talking about the disgusting analogy.

[personal profile] cuntfucius 2011-01-27 01:18 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm just kind of ...shaking my head that the replies to you on this completely miss what you were trying to get at.
bwhahahabeck: (Default)

[personal profile] bwhahahabeck 2011-01-27 07:17 pm (UTC)(link)
rdfox: Joker asking Tim Drake, "'Sup?" from Paul Dini's "Slay Ride" (Default)

[personal profile] rdfox 2011-01-28 02:27 am (UTC)(link)
Yes, I got that, I was pointing out how much worse the analogy is due to the in-universe reason for the shirt that was cited when introducing the costume.

It's particularly bad when you use that sort of analogy when there's already a perfectly valid reason for it being there.
richardak: (Default)

[personal profile] richardak 2011-01-27 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
I agree; I liked the old costume a lot. It was dynamic; it was distinctive; and it fit Tora's personality. This one isn't bad though, and it could grow on me.

What really bothers me about this, though, is this: just when did Tora have the opportunity to design and sew a new costume? Last we saw, she was wearing her Hughes-designed costume, and the team has been on the run and hiding out, when they weren't under direct attack. So when did she have time to make a run to the fabric store to buy the materials for this new suit, and then sew it?
equinox216: (Default)


[personal profile] equinox216 2011-01-27 05:10 am (UTC)(link)
No, it wasn't.

[personal profile] saralakali 2011-01-27 12:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Word. On behalf of all fat people, I am deeply offended.

kaete: pixie (Default)

[personal profile] kaete 2011-01-27 08:21 pm (UTC)(link)
How about "Tora isn't a ridiculously pale kid who sunburns instantly and always has to wear a t-shirt in the swimming pool" ?
nezchan: Don't turn your back on meeee!!!! (I'm making a point!)

[personal profile] nezchan 2011-01-27 09:24 pm (UTC)(link)
I resemble that statement!

Come to think of it, so does your icon.
bluefall: (Unicornosaur says RAAR)

[personal profile] bluefall 2011-01-28 12:53 am (UTC)(link)
Except she probably was! Nordic ice princess and all. Not that I got the impression they had many outdoor summer pools around the palace, of course...

/fervently ignoring Winick's inane retcon
pyrotwilight: (Default)

[personal profile] pyrotwilight 2011-01-27 05:33 am (UTC)(link)
Eh, it's ok, but I still love her old outfit.
icon_uk: (Default)

[personal profile] icon_uk 2011-01-27 10:14 am (UTC)(link)
Not seeing a whole lot different about it to be honest, except, as noted elsewhere, it's like Polar Boy... except she should be rocking the little hat.
kamino_neko: Tedd from El Goonish Shive. Drawn by Dan Shive, coloured by Kamino Neko. (Default)

[personal profile] kamino_neko 2011-01-27 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes! Every ice based character should have a little hat like that.

Although Captain Cold's fur hood is an acceptable substitute....
fleur_de_liz: (Default)

[personal profile] fleur_de_liz 2011-01-27 01:03 pm (UTC)(link)
It's not a bad costume per se, but the fur belt is kind of unnecessary.

And did her hair get suddenly shorter, or is it just the way Lopresti drew her on this page? Tora...have you been giving yourself haircuts and making yourself new costumes off-panel? Does Gavril have a sewing machine built into his armor?
karunya: This reverend puts the "fun" back into "funeral" (Default)

[personal profile] karunya 2011-01-27 02:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Now I actually like the fur accents. Sort of Victorian erotica-ish. Do NOT like the very masculine portrayal of Fire. Boobs that look like pectorals, way too much washboard.

All in all, I do like these images. Square-neckline Power Girl is an interesting change of pace.
kamino_neko: Tedd from El Goonish Shive. Drawn by Dan Shive, coloured by Kamino Neko. (Default)

[personal profile] kamino_neko 2011-01-27 10:22 pm (UTC)(link)
The rectangular cut-out's been standard, lately. The last time the round version was used was JSA All Stars 1, and the last time anything other than the rectangle was used was JSAAS 3, where there was no cut-out at all.

[personal profile] cuntfucius 2011-01-27 01:19 pm (UTC)(link)
greenmask: (grr)

Mod note

[personal profile] greenmask 2011-01-27 01:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Fat jokes, or flippancy at the expense of fat people, are not appropriate here.
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[personal profile] greenmask 2011-01-27 01:43 pm (UTC)(link)
I definitely prefer Ice's new rags to Power Girl's boob-window being a square.
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[personal profile] greenmask 2011-01-27 10:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Apology accepted (though I'll note that "sorry" is always more appreciated than "sorry you were offended").

Onward and upward, valued community member! :]
kirke_novak: (DC: Boostle (bwahaha))

[personal profile] kirke_novak 2011-01-27 06:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Hell yeah! I can't wait to see Max taken down. He's one of those villains I have absolutely no sympathy for, or can make fun of. He just wants me to punch him in the face. The more people dogpile on him, the better.
celestialchild: (Sailor Galaxia)

[personal profile] celestialchild 2011-01-27 09:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Don't know about the belt, but I am otherwise supportive of this new costume for Ice. Of course, it might turn out to be one of those that only looks good depending on who draws it. =/
auggie18: (Breastplate)

[personal profile] auggie18 2011-01-28 12:37 am (UTC)(link), I liked her old outfit. It was unique and cute and lots of artists could draw it without messing it up.