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JL Generation Lost - Ice gets some new threads!

Ice has gotten something of a makeover recently

Personally I think her new costume is great

Spoilers for issue 18 of Generation Lost


Its a mix of her traditional look, with a smidge of her other looks included (the ice cutout makes a bit of a return, this time as a symbol).Thank god they ditched the T-shirt over her costume

EDIT: I apologise for any offense

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Ice is trying really hard to stand exactly like Power Girl.
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"Let's see . . . she's got her feet spread out, her hands clenched, her head like so . . . oh, wait! Her hips aren't swayed!"
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OH! And so is Captain Atom. He knows what's what.
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Except he's trying to go for that "Man of the beach", arm muscle flexing thing going on.
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Well, he doesn't have boobs, so has to do something else cliche.