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And now for something completely different (Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four 10)

I really don't have anything to say about these scans besides that it's always funny to watch Ben Grimm get dressed up. (:

Four scans behind the cut.

The F4 just got attacked by the Black Panther after purchasing some vibranium they didn't know was stolen. Oops. The smugglers are now in custody.

This either falls under T'challa being Crazy Prepared, or that he just felt the need to design and deploy autonomous elephant-shaped wildfire management drones. WITH defensive systems. I don't know which is more awesome.
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Oh dear gawd 'love for children' and Daken in the same sentence GAVE ME COMPLETELY HORRIBLE WRONG IDEAS AAH!
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Like we didn't have enough problems to worry about when we talk about Daken XD He may be an ass and a pervert to boot, but when it comes to kids, he's actually--GASP--a good guy.