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Wonder Girls wandering wardrobe, and some Black Lantern designs...

Whilst ambling around www.theartistschoice.com, I came across some interesting design sketches by Joe Prado, which I thought you might enjoy

And some fun Black Lantern design sheets

The Atom (Adam Cray version) Celsius (from the Doom Patrol)

Crimson Fox Deacon Blackfire (Confirming that "The Cult" is in continuity)

The Flying Graysons (Even in death, pixie boots for all!) Kid Flash

King Snake (I think, couldn't have told you he was dead) Kole

Phantasm of the New Titans The Question

Razorsharp (of the New Bloods) Shrike of the Cadre, then the Suicide Squad

Superman Tempest (Garth)

Twister (old New Teen Titans foe) Vibe (of the JLA)

Windfall (of the Masters of Disaster, Outsiders AND Suicide Squad)

Wonder Woman in a couple of variations on a theme... (I like that sedond one)

And for legality, a couple of scans of the OTHER Wonder Girl's wardrobe shift debuts

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Uhm.. thanks? Care to elaborate?
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I think the implication is that philippos42 is saying that you would be naive to assume that artists wouldn't draw ridiculous cleavage if Donna's red costume became her official uniform.

I mean, look at Ms. Martian. Her costume started out fairly modest.