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Irredeemable #22 preview

World without the Plutonian continues.

Comic Book Resources has quite a few pages of preview as events in the stars and in deepest secret unfold.

The Vespa alien race continue to try to come up with solutions to the Plutonian's body rejecting their control. I'll leave that for you to discover.

Meanwhile, Modeus attempts to "take advantage" of the situation presented to him at the moment with the catatonic Scylla, brother to Survivor of the Paradigm.

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...... the last one makes me all sad.
This really takes "I JUST WANTED HIM TO LOVE ME" to a whole new level. I actually assumed a few issues back (from the scans I saw here) that Plutonian was making a really weird guess when he said that thing about the sex robots...but now....

Hm. ): Poor sad jilted psycho... This may be shallow to say, but he's making me want to properly pick up Irredeemable.