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Chances are you already knew about this (it's on the noscans community at least) but for those who don't...the identity of the new host for Venom has been revealed, and it's none other than...

...this guy.

Marvel Senior Editor Steve Wacker has revealed which character will become the new host of the Venom suit when the character's new series launches later this year.

According to Wacker and series writer Rick Remender, longtime Peter Parker rival Flash Thompson is the latest character who will become bonded with the violent alien symbiote.

According to CBR, Thompson, described as a "true patriot", will struggle with his temper after joining with Venom.

"The hard resolutions, the murdering that he might have to do, will come at moments you completely don't expect it - unless he loses control," Remender explained. "You've also got a character in Flash who's been disabled serving his country, and now he's no longer bound to a wheel chair but is swinging through the city and bounding through the Savage Land."

Thompson was originally depicted as a simple high school bully, but has developed over the course of the series to become a close friend of Peter Parker.

Recent stories saw Thompson serving the U.S. Army in the Iraq War, during which he was injured and had both legs amputated.

My thoughts? Well, for one thing, I'm not exactly missing Mac Gargan Venom. It was a good idea at first, and Warren Ellis actually made the character interesting, but after one knew who to write him as he was portrayed at one point almost conflicted over the actions of the symbiote, and at another he was gleefully eating prostitutes with hentai tentacles. Hell, people even forgot how he looked like, with the artists flipping back and forth between the new design and the classic Eddie Brock one. 

As for Flash...well, it's kind of funny that Marc Guggenheim crippled Flash to show how wounded war veterans adjusted to everyday life, and now he's bonding with the Venom symbiote for the government....yeah. That being said, I'm not nearly as against as some are, provided Flash doesn't start eating brains or anything. 

If you want to get a better look at how the new Venom looks like...

He also appears to "Venom out" whenever he gets angry, as seen below.

Date: 2011-02-01 12:50 pm (UTC)
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And who is going to clean up all those bullet casings? Eh? Ever step on one of those when you're out to get the paper? Ouch-CIty, Population: YOU! At least with the piles of bodies you can walk around those!


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