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Last part of this event we saw what happened when a Parasite struck Metropolis while it was protected by Steel. This issue we see how Batman fares in Gotham against one.

Time to meet a new Gotham hero, Joe Public!

18 pages from a 56 page story.


The story opens with Gemir, the Parasite of Greed going on a romp through Gotham, luring women away into quiet areas of the city. 

Batman enters the story as he beats up a criminal and his girlfriend after he tracked theem down, knowing they're working for a criminal known as Happy Jack, a drug peddler. 

Meanwhile we see Gemir has been busy collecting many people as a food supply and keeping them in one of Gotham's islets. 

Some of the trapped people try to muster the courage to attack Gemir when he enters to thrown in the new victim.

Cause Gemir's greedy of course.

While Batman's working his own leads into Happy Jack another figure in the Gotham night is doing so as well.

Bruce has a hell of a makeup artist and I guess bald headed masks to use.

During the scuffle Batman suits up to take down Happy Jack and Joe Public enters the scene as well. In a confused moment as neither expected another crusader to pop up Jack uses the confusion to escape.

I have to admit Joe's willingness to tell Bats to shove the attitude is refreshing.

Then the story gets a bit confusing when they show a small time Gotham character whose only made two other appearances once before and once after this story from what little I know of her, a lady named Pagan.

Gotta love her logic and it is nice to see other Gotham heroes like her.


...Way to snub Joe there Batman!

As they search around they come upon one of Happy Jack's former helpers.

And then Joe enters the scene having finally found Jack. Happy however has a weapon and tasers him while Joe's giving a speech. 

"Dunno what your gripe is pal- but you lecture like a teacher!"

Enter Gemir who flies by and snatches both of them to the islet he's keeping the others, dropping Happy to the floor killing him and then feasting on Joe.

Pagan and Batman see the monster flying toward the island and pursue them coming upon Gemir.

Bats and Pagan find an unconscious Joe on the ground and pull him along making their way inside to where the people are, though they don't know it.

With his newfound strength he grabs onto Gemir trying to hurt him but the further away he gets from the others the weaker he feels until he gets loose and falls.


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I like how Pagan explains her origin to Batman in one breath (at least, that's how I imagine her saying all of that).

Date: 2011-01-31 04:21 pm (UTC)
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That's entirely possible, she does have good...lungs.


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