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Per [personal profile] pyrotwilight request.

Superman versus Darkseid: Apokolips Now and bonus material Superman/Batman 24 and 25 under the cut.

There's a cheatsheet for this character's continuity history here.

Superman Versus Darkseid: Apokolips Now (38 page story). Darkseid seized the body of Steel and used him to motivate his own Imperviex. Begins with a flashback to how Superman puts together a team to invade Apokolips.

That's Natasha Irons, Steel's daughter.

Kara stows away on the Boom Tube.

Superman challenges Darkseid to meet him at an asteroid. Once he's there, using a Mother Box to pool their power, Superboy and Linda Danvers-Supergirl seal it off. Eradicator and Kara fight off Darkseid's minions. Eradicator turns into a giant and Kara is a little hysterical.

Pew! Pew!

Natasha places a chunk of Aegis doohickey into some armor. Somehow it teleports her right onto Apokolips in front of the big Imperviex door. But it is guarded by DOOMSDAY! (What the heck was he doing there?)

Suddenly! The incomplete Imperviex wakes up! He smushes Doomsday to save his daughter!

But Irons was dead.

Natasha decides to continue to superhero.

Superman/Batman 24. The Joker has a fragment of Mr. Mxyzsptlk's power left. Mxy and him play a game of imaginary alternate universes (allowing them to break the Rule of 52). Bizarro acts as Mxy's general.

Black-suited Supergirl was Cir-El, who was some sort of future clone.

Superman/Batman 25.

Cue the big alternate everybody fight, all of which leads to the Joker throwing up the fragment, which turns out to be--Batmite. The End, everyone goes poof!
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