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Just picked this up yesterday, though it came out last week. Jess&Luke are one of my favourite couples and I could probably just read an entire comic of them talking and doing stuff. I noticed they are having a conversation I've been sort of having with myself and others after recently getting engaged...

And obviously I don't mean taking on the superhero name of my fiance, lol, but rather the last name! It was interesting to me as more and more women in North America choose to keep their last name, hyphenate and generally just choose different options rather than take on someone else's last name; as well as a growing number of gay and straight married couples in Canada (and I suppose some states in the U.S. that allow gay marriage, which sadly aren't very many) decide to create a whole new name out of both last names (ie. John Fawcett and Tom Wood became John and Tom Woodfawcett). As well as the practice/tradition of who takes on whose last name varies widely in other countries (ie. Spain, Mexico) (I've put A LOT of thought into the whole last name thing, OK)

ANYWAYS....! ON TO THE SCANS! Approx. 4 pages.

Luke makes the initial suggestion.

And Jess is swearing because a Doombot comes around and spoils their sexy dinner date. And then at the end of the issue, Jess makes an announcement:

Luke's mug, OMG. Truth: I actually showed this last bit to my fiance and was like: See what Luke did? That's what not to do.
Ahhh I love these two. :D

Date: 2011-02-03 08:03 pm (UTC)
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Doh! You had it Luke and you Boo Yah's it away. Got to admit, i laughed at that.


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