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Two things:

Firstly, people actually requested more Extreme Justice, so I'm sharing the two scenes in which bystanders read a team-member as Blue Beetle's boyfriend. The surprising part is that neither of these teammates is Booster Gold.

First up is Ronnie Raymond, in EJ #9 (October 1996, by Velez, Rio, and Branch).

Now, Booster Gold has for months been trapped in the life-support armour Ted made for him after Devastator ripped his arm off in JLA. It keeps malfunctioning, and needs loads of maintenance. Ordinarily that's just Ted's bag, but lately he's being led astray by new team-mate Firestorm, who is at this point basically a high-functioning alcoholic.

Ted's newsboy cap (it's a continuity nod! He had one when he was a Steve Ditko character too!) is by far my favourite part of this. That and his going "sigh" while he fights the baddies. Well, that AND the fact that he appears to have made the left-hand baddie in the third panel of that last page bleed from the mouth just by voguing at him in the manner of a cheap Karate Kid knock-off.

Also, I find it interesting that around this time in comics, you could start introducing the idea that Gay-Bashing Is Bad, while still being ambiguous about whether it's bad because it's wrong or bad because "eugh, they said we were queer!"

Skip forward eight issues (to EJ#17 by Washington, Morgan, and Branch); Ronnie gets into rehab, Booster gets out of the tin can, and Captain Atom learns that he is not, as he's always believed, actually Nathaniel Adam, but a clone of the real Adam (now operating as the villainous Monarch) created in the quantum field. (I assume this plot point was quietly dropped and stamped upon at some point between EJ and that one disastrous Wildstorm crossover?) Cap responds to the discovery by angsting for several issues and then having a Haircut Of Character Development. And going for a coffee date with Ted.

Caveat: in this scene, it's possible I'm picking up subtext that's not really there. But I'm hoping that since this is S_D I can get a motto :)


And here's a bonus for those upset by the art: the series did also bring us some early instances of Chris Batista drawing Booster Gold.

Secondly, a request: Can anyone recommend me any serious/scholarly books, journals, etc. that discuss the phenomenon of "event" comics? I saw that the Sequential Art Journal is bringing out Classics on Infinite Earth: The Justice League and DC Crossover Continuity, and I'm looking for titles like that: stuff discussing the genesis of events comics, and how we got from The Great Darkness Saga through CoIE and developments like 52 to *fifteen* distinct mini tie-ins with Flashpoint. (I know my DC bias is showing here; I'm equally interested in Marvel-focused material for this.)

If I get a good response on this I promise to stop posting Extreme Justice :)

Date: 2011-02-08 10:59 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] psychopathicus_rex
Well, OK, here they're not too terribly handsome-looking. But it's been established in other comics that they're SUPPOSED to be.


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