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Cassie and Kon aren't doing too well? Rose must be ecstatic.
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She was beginning to think they'd never take the hint after nobody noticed the red sunlamps she installed in Cassie's room.
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I don't want to be that guy and it is kinda totally off subject, but I'm totally going to be him for a second.

Conner should still be able to able to fly, be invunerable, and hit really hard under the red sun because he still has his tactile TK. Originally, that was his only power and he used it to imitate Supes. During War of the Supermen, when everyone was under the red light, we saw Kon use tactile tk to knock Zod down, but then Zod started punching him and knocked him out. This shouldn't have worked because, even with his kryptonian powers gone, HE STILL WOULD HAVE HIS TK SHIELD.

That had next to nothing to do with your comment, but that's been building since War of the Supermen and I haven't had a chance to let it out. Sorry.
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His powers come from his Kryptonian background. They're just a refiguring of the standard empowerment.

As long as Kryptonians lose their powers under a red sun, Kon will lose his as well.

Otherwise, he'd be a mutant and his TK and Kryptonian powers would be completely separate.
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But we've seen him use his powers under a red sun, both in the example I cited and in the crossover event "The Final Night".
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Bad writing? Hasn't Superman occasionally retained some of his power for a short while under a red sun? Your example before said Kon lost some of his power. Maybe the humanity provides some immunity to red sunlight.
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The point is that he seems to lose his Kryptonian powers under the red sun. No eyebeams, no super strength, no enhanced senses. He had his tactile TK for a few years before his kryptonian powers kicked in, so I think they count as something different.

Again, it could be just bad writing. Originally, Superboy wasn't really a clone of Superman, but the results of an experiment that had tried to clone Superman, failed, and just ended up altering a clone of Paul Westfield to look like Superman and emulate his powers. So, the retcon that made him a successful clone of Superman screwed over his powers when it comes to crap like this.

Or you can just say his human half throws stuff off.
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Except tactile TK is just another Kryptonian power possibility as we saw that it was one that Chris Kent/Lor Zod/Nightwing had.
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Yeah, I never really got that. All of the other Kryptonians have the same powers, why does Chris get this one special thing outside of it being a giant red herring at the time?

And, again, Kon's TK seems to have a different source because he doesn't lose it under a red sun.
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Who says all the Kryptonians have exactly the same powers? Since Tactile TK can effectively double as super-strength and flight, we might not have noticed the difference.

Him not losing it may have to do with a quirk in his human/Kryptonian DNA mix.
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True, but in his origin, it was clearly stated that Cadmus couldn't replicate Kryptonian TK, so they did the next best thing.
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Yeah, but his origin was more or less completely altered by the "You actually ARE half Superman, half Luthor" deal.
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I was under the impression that the part about him needing artificial TK powers was still in continuity - Jones merely established that Superboy had kryptonian powers that didn't manifest for the first few years.

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It's OK. We've all been that guy at one point or another. Sometimes, you just need to vent about stupid plot-holes.

Also, Rose might not know that.
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But will precog ever be a substitute for tactile TK remote diddling?

*searches for Cassie/Rose fic*
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what about awesome light powers?
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Awesome light powers are EVEN BETTER. They're warm, they give you a tan, they leave your ex free to hook up with the cute scientist boy to stop him from going evil...

...wait, what?
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Except awesome light powers+sunny disposition+non-white superhero+female = fridge.
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In all fairness, being white didn't help Mary Marvel escape the fridge. Well, she's not dead yet, but still. Give it a year.

*cough cough* *cough*
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Being white why she's just in comic book limbo. Being female and having a sunny disposition just qualifies you for multiple doses of Break the Cutie.
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Um, let's see...

Ice died, I guess. But she came back, so I guess it doesn't count.

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But hey, isn't she Roma now? Let the fridging begin! Let us collect her Gypsy tears to protect us from AIDS!

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Gaaah! Just imagine an apostrophe "s" after the "white."
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plus if we are talking about her being in a relationship with Cassie add queer to that list. :3
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Not to mention the most damning adjective of all: a Teen Titans member.