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Taco Bell and Colleen Coover goodness? WHAT?!

Taco Bell recently (a week or so ago?) began a comic related special. With any kids meal order, as the "toy" for the meal is a free 12 page comic. The comics are very very amusing stuff and have much of a Marvel Adventures like feel to them. The comics are of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and Iron Man. If you're the sort who doesn't like eating at Taco Bell, fear not! One can also purchase them separately as I did. I'm guessing it'll vary by store but you can get all 4 for something like $6.

Now while each comic has a fun 11 page story one of my favorite parts is a one page strip from Colleen Coover about the issues group/person.

So I'm posting 4 pages, one from each plus a page of the regular story for the Avengers issue to show what seems to be a pretty amazing name usage for Carol Danvers.


Not completely sure what's the deal with Tony here, I guess that he's very narcissistic about his looks whether it be him or his armor?

Of course my big question is how Johnny won his battle? He's a guy made of fire throwing flames at a lava monster! But yes, I am amused that the First Family of Marvel probably is like this, everyday.

It's Kitty's line that kills me everytime. Strange thing to note is that Jean Grey isn't there though Colleen uses her so often in other strips (alongside Wanda). Though it may be since she wasn't in the X-Men's main story either. And while it is a bit narcissistic, it's pretty impossible to throw Professor X a surprise party.    


Pffff oh Hulk.

And now one page from the Avengers main story.

Carol got an upgrade to Captain Marvel for the story! A bit odd, gotta wonder if their was something stopping them from calling her Ms. Marvel in the story and since they call her that at least once more in the story I don't think it was an accident either.                                                                                                                 

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How pathetically sad is Prof X throwing HIMSELF a surprise party?

Otherwise... awesome stuff!
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Well it's not like anyone else could. Unless they invited Magneto or Juggernaut over to do most of the work and then made themselves forget somehow.
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Oh, it's not so bad, think about it: he gets to pick out a flavor of cake he likes, AND he gets to see them all making ridiculous faces.
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Your icon! :D
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Yesss. I keep imagining the Daleks kept at bay by walkups.
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The cake thing probably is important, especially since his tastes are so specific.