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Who stole the Flash's time gauntlets?

When you can journey any point in time, you're not limited to making enemies just in your own era. You can have people from all across the eons dislike you.

This 1,000,000 issue details the rivalry between Chronos of the 20th century and the Flash of the 853rd century.

Interestingly, this issue was penciled by J.H. Williams III. "Interestingly" because he was also the regular penciler for the comic CHASE at this time. Was he really so fast at one point that he could not only do a monthly title but also have time to pitch in an occasional fill-in on the side? What happened to him?

The story begins in the year 85,269, two years before the events of DC One Million.

He goes to investigate but it's a trap set by Walker Gabriel, a.k.a. Chronos, who freezes him in time and steals his time gauntlets.

Chronos is at this point in space-time because the chaos of the Chronovore (no relation) ought to prevent the Flash from tracking him down across time. Ought to, but doesn't.

Just as he's returning the gauntlets, a new arrival shows up.

Scourge gets his hands on the gauntlets, and Chronos evacuates himself and the Flash to another era.

At the Flash's insistence, Chronos takes them back to Scourge.

Chronos then bids farewell and transports himself elsewhen.

The Flash's speed was sapped by something Scourge had called a Savitar leech, but it's returning now.

At Chronos' home, a place called Chronopolis, Hourman confronts him. He knows the gauntlets Scourge took were duplicates and that Chronos still has the real pair.

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Gods, I miss this one. I loved the way Vandal Savage got punk'd.