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One of the most praised elements of Superman: Birthright was the great backstory it provided for Lex Luthor and his relationship with Clark. Posting that, among other scans:

-First, a badass Superman moment requested by thatnickguy,

-Clark's interview with Lex Luthor,

(Luthor is understandably upset about Clark's expose of him on the helicopter incident. He also seems to have completely forgotten Smallville.)

-Luthor making a shocking revelation regarding Superman,

-Clark arguing with Perry over publicising Superman's alien origins.

(As a result of the article people start fearing Superman)

-Clark's social life(or lack thereof). Acting dull and mild-mannered can have its downsides...

-To add to public hysteria, Luthor setting Superman up to be the bad guy by blowing up a bridge,

-And finally, Clark and Pa Kent remembering young Luthor and how he turned out the way he did,

-Lex's failed experiment, the moment when everything went wrong for him,

(Yup, that's Kryptonite. Lex misinterprets the horrified look on Clark's face as him shunning Lex just like everyone else.)

(He briefly succeeds in opening a window into what looks like Krypton, but then the machine explodes.)

And in retrospect,

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A Superman book.. that I want to be reading?

This feels strange but good.


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