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Must there be a Superman?

"Grounded" continues...

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Superbatman, what a horribly awesome mess.
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You prefer composite?

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Horror of horrors!

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Re: Horror of horrors!

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Have to say, the superman squad is probably the best thing to come out of Grounded (Not like there's much competition.)

I mean, Living solar system? Sentient thought? Gorilla Galaxy?

THIS is what comics should be about. Not this mopey political soapbox bullshit. Give us more of THIS dammit!

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SuperBatman fanart:
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This is an awesome scene... too bad it going to be one of those one moment things that will be forgotten till the writer feels to bring it up again....
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Well, thank heavens that mess is partly cleared up.
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This is a heckuva lot of exposition for a comic book.

Wouldn't it be easier just to have an arc with Superman getting over the genocide of the remaining members of his species (including all the K children) by his adopted planet? Wouldn't that have been a natural thing to do - instead of acting like a hobo as if it never happened? And it wouldn't have taken all the issues "Grounded" has taken up to do it.

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Read the issue.
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Oh. Oh, my...! I'm not quite sure what I love more, the sheer gleeful joy and awesome, comic-booky goodness of sentient Solar Systems and Superideas or the sly, metatextual aknowledgedment of "Must There Be A Superman?", the effect of the Krypton Massacre and what an awfully depressing mess Grounded has just been in general.
<3 <3 <3
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"the fortress is housed in a pentagonal icositetrahedron" <-wow, I couldn't spell that even if I wanted to. ._. Back to secondary geometry with me.
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Does this seem like the GLC to anyone else? I mean I celestial body (Mogo, SuperStar) Cell, thought (math equation GL, SuperEgo) really?
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Very much so, but I can live with that.

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Superstar doesn't socialize?

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It's almost a direct riff on that Moore story.
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you'd think Superbatman would've hybrided with the blue outfit, at least.

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You mean the electric blue one? Why?

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I'm disappointed that the menace messing with Superman wans't an alien Straczynski.
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Superego is hilarious to me.

And this is kind of FF-ish (I mean, the Infinite Reeds), but in the best possible way. So, hey. Better this than JMS.
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Awesome with Titano being there. :)
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/hate for the Barack Obama expy. Otherwise this is a much better direction than the cross country emo jog, so sure.
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Oh, haha, that was pretty unsubtle, wasn't it.

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I guess this their way of saying "look we're sorry about Grounded, really we don't know that JMS was trying. Have some crack. Sweet crackety crack!"
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If the result is Superego, the "good idea", then crack me up, Sir Crackalot.

That is so freaking -neat-.

When was the last time you read a genuinely neat idea in comics?
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I was looking at Titano, and was hoping they'd explain him by saying, "Well, there was this one time you and Primaat got REALLY drunk."
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Titano! This version first appeared in one of the DC ONE MILLION stories. He and the rest of the Gorilla Galaxy are descendants of the residents of Gorilla City, who migrate to another galaxy at some point in the future.
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Also, it occurs to me that Steel would be eligible for membership in this group. That could make for an interesting story someday.
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OMG SuperBatman! And ewww Super-Twin Superguy why you have a mullet? Those things are never good no matter what timeline! Oh and I want to know more about Supergirl!Ming

Lol, seriously?

Also if they don't get inspired by Clark, they will become inspired by Kara so no problem there.
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I wanted to like this, but it was done several years ago by Moore in Supreme. It's the Supremacy.

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Of course, that was not future bearers of the Supreme mantle, but previous retcons of the same character. Besides, I don't think repurposing similar concepts from obvious rip-off characters is a crime. And the Fortress of Solidarity is also a way less douchey name than The Supremacy. Sounds like Moore's hero had a SUPER-EGO as well. :P

Note: I love the Supremacy and Moore's run on Supreme to bits. But I'll take an in-continuity time-defending Superman Squad over it any day of the week and twice on Wednesdays. ;)
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You know, the REAL "Must There Be A Superman" was only ONE DAMN ISSUE GOD.

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This is pretty much a direct lift of the first Alan Moore story revamping Rob Liefeld's wretched "Supreme" book.

I believe it was Supreme #40. Go look it up, if you haven't read it.
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Yeah, but c'mon. The expressed intent of Supreme was to take everything Superman and and combine it into a platonic ideal of the character and his story. And Moore succeeded amicably in that. It was basically All Star Superman before the concept of All Star Superman even existed, and judging by that standard, every single Superman story ever told will be a Ripoff of Supreme to some extent.

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"If the answer is 'no' then your legacy ends with you."

Er, what about Kon, Kara, and Steel? I'm sure is Superman gave up/retired, they would be there to take his place.

I was a bit disappointed that the cute asian girl behind Superman in that first panel wasn't Kon and Cass Cain's daughter. *waves his tiny ship flag*
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Er, what about Kon, Kara, and Steel? I'm sure is Superman gave up/retired, they would be there to take his place.

As Kara and John have been shown to be doing, in fact...

Although the kid (don't know if he's CK or Ra-Bak) seems to be channelling the Kid.
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Just here for the Infinite Man cameo.
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Also, the punny names.... Superstar and Superego, I just giggled...Supercillia got a massive groan.