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Some Animal Man.

Two pages from when Animal Man met his maker, but first, an unrelated panel from the same trade:

The whole scene made me love the Crime Syndicate of America, but this panel in particular.

Recap: Animal Man has met his maker, who took him out and pitched him against some bad that he could run through his credits. Animal Man gets his arse kicked.

I love this whole trade. It really makes you think. :) (Apart from the Red Bee bit, which just made me feel sad. ._.)

So, what would you do if you found out your life was a comic, scansdaily?

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The one thing I didn't like about that Morrison vs Animal Man scene was that at the end it became more about Morrison himself, especially with the end. That said, the previous parts were a great examination of comic characters.

Now, if I found out I were in a comic, (despite the fact that only the writer would allow me to find out and even then he'd control my actions) I'd ask Paul Dini to write me, give me superpowers (but no enemies) then tell him to finish the book with "And he had fun for the rest of his life". Hopefully that means I'm in control then, or else I'm suddenly on hold..