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In the 853rd century, the JLA of that era guard the nine planets of the solar system, one member to each planet (or dwarf planet in Pluto's case, whatever).

However, there are bodies that orbit the sun even further out than Pluto. This issue introduces our solar system's thirteenth plaent, Iai. It is the domain of the Creeper.

Future Creeper travels to the present day. This comic was published during a point when the Creeper (modern version) and his human alter ego, Jack Ryder, had been split into two separate beings by events in his series. Think Jekyll and Hyde separating in two. So that's the situation he/they are in when future Creeper arrives in the 20th century (by popping out of modern Creeper's mouth).

Through tough love, future Creeper gets Jack Ryder to realize that he and the Creeper need one another.

The two return to their Jekyll/Hyde dual existence, only now without the angst.

"He's my partner."

Meanwhile, future Creeper returns to the 853rd century.

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