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As DC's attempt to revive the 1980's title The Outsiders fades away, what cutting edge title does Marvel have to look forward to..

"It's aboot time, eh?"

I'm probably going to hell for typing that.

From Comicbookresrouces

Marvel's James Viscardi started the ball rolling by announcing that the series will be a maxi-series in conjunction with the "Fear Itself" event, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente and drawn by Dale Eaglesham, who all joined in on the call. The series will be eight issues starting in June with a prelude "Point 1" issue drawn by Ben Oliver shipping in May.


"You don't have to have read anything to jump on board here," Pak said at the start. "Old time Alpha Flight fans will have a lot of fun seeing everything references, but you don't even have to have read an 'Alpha Flight' book before."


"Basically, if John Byrne didn't come up with it, we're throwing it out," said Van Lente who noted that through no intentional malice, the team had been subjected to a lot of bad continuity over the years. "I wouldn't say we're ignoring everything that came later, but we're not going to be referring to an individual character's multiple resurrections over the years...this is one of those stories that wants to start with a clean slate," Pak added.


He added that for those looking to place this series into the context of the Marvel U, the book will pick up with a reestablished Alpha Flight in the wake of the recent "Chaos War" series, and with issue #1 "All hell breaks loose."

Asked whether the book will feel a bit dated, Van Lente argued that the book's initial audience numbered at half a million issues sold as the book was created by a very popular creator in Byrne. "Alpha Flight" was in many ways the first X-Men spinoff, so the writers expect that the original fan interest in the concept and characters will carry over to their modern take on the team.

Ummm, no it really wasn't. The New Mutants first appeared in
Marvel Graphic Novel #4 in December 1982, with the ongoing to follow in March 83, Alpha Flight #1 hit the stands in August 1983.

So, "Next big thing", or "Been there, done that"?



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