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Young Justice #1

This is actually the second issue of the series, as a #0 came out last month. Interestingly, this issue's written by Art Baltazar and Franco, the team on TINY TITANS and BILLY BATSON. I guess they're DC's go-to guys for all-ages stuff these days?

Superboy's alone in Mount Justice, on his first day living there, when he hears the footsteps of another.

From off-panel, someone fires poisoned darts at the two of them, and Snapper goes down.

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Maybe she used to have lots of sisters, but they're now all dead?
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Nah, she said it too cheerfully and 'in the present' tense. I'm guessing the real MM is trapped somewhere and the one in the League is a white martian as is M'gann. Duh Duh Duh Daaah!