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So DC recently released Justice League International, Volume 5 in trade paperback. It includes Justice League Europe, issues 1-6 and Justice League International Annual, issues 2-3. I highly recommend it, and I hope this means that DC is going to issue all of the JLI in trade paperback. Anyway, here are a few pages from JLE issue 5, but first with some background.

Metamorpho had been injured while on a mission with the Outsiders, and was believed dead, and was legally declared so, dissolving his marriage to Sapphire Stagg, who subsequently married Java. In fact, however, he only had amnesia, and therefore had no recollection of his past, including Sapphire, her father Simon Stagg, Java, the Outsiders, or even his own name. It was in this state that he joined the Justice League. Not long thereafter, Sapphire showed up at the JLE's headquarters in Paris, asking to see her husband. She was followed by Java, demanding to see his wife. Metamorpho and Java began to fight, at which point JLE leader Captain Atom returned from New York, just as Simon Stagg also arrived. And with that, here we go:

Later on, Cap regretted how harsh he had been, and went to talk to Metamorpho further:

What I love about this scene is the subtext: Nate doesn't say so, but he knows exactly what Rex is going through. The experiment that transformed him into Captain Atom also catapulted him eighteen years forward in time. In the interval, he was assumed dead, and his wife, Angela, married Wade Eiling, the very man who had framed Nate in the first place, and Nates' children grew up thinking of Eiling as their father. And then Angela died of cancer before Nate arrived in what was, to him, the future. So I thought the parallels between the two characters made this a really great scene.

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Yeah, that would be nice...


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