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Justice League International Annual #4 (1993) Bloodlines Outbreak Part 9

For the entirety of the crossover the Parasites attacks were very US based (as the aliens ship crashed near Metropolis), the only attacks that occurred outside of the US was this annual in which some of the Parasites come to England. (Though the latest New Blood related story seems to imply despite what we see of the Parasites attack patterns they likely did go global but that's a post for another day)

18 pages from a 54 page story.


I'll admit Lionheart was one of my faves from the Bloodlines event, possibly because the issue managed to somewhat blend the horror of the Parasites and the humor of the titles at the time.

Our story opens up at a pub in England and introduces us to Richard Plante a dock worker, apparently relaxing after a day of work. We see a woman crying in the pub talking about how she saw one of the recent murders. One of the more creepy men say she's probably a liar and a trollop since she was out that late.Richard prepares to beat the guy up for saying such a thing but before he gets the chance a mysterious duo appear before Richard.

And yes, the guy he just clocked was the fellow who made the trollop remark a moment ago.


(I find Tasmanian Devil somewhat adorable drawn like that, he looks like a giant cat)

Meanwhile the mysterious government folks have taken Richard to an undisclosed location. No sooner than he arrives the two vanish and he gets attacked by giant robots. During this he sees a sword nearby stuck in a stone "What's this? Another trick? Doesn't matter does it? If a swords all I've got. Then a sword's what I'll use!" He plucks the sword out and start slicing through the robots and finds the control center that the operators of the robots were in.

One of the mysterious fellows from earlier returns and tells Richard his last name is a shortening of Plantagenet.



The JLI and Lionheart get into the usual tussle of you're the enemy, no, you're the enemy! With Lionheart even stating mid battle after asked if he recognizes the group "And why should I? It's not like you're Lester Piggott." (Apparently a famous Horse Jockey, considered the best of this lifetimes Jockeys if Wikipedia is to be believed)



The Parasites (Gemir, Glonth and Pritor) are amused at Lionheart and the JLI.


Immortal British man trying to raise Britian to the top? Hmmm, cool idea to explore.

A police officer spots the Parasites in their human forms and ask to speak with them about the murders.

The JLI are planning their next move to find the Parasites when Lionheart shows up...


Maya gets captured by the Parasites, with the idea that the Parasites don't want to kill her until the group heads back to see if she's OK so that they can wound the groups pride before killing them all (Pritor's idea, being Prideful and all)

The group and Lionheart return and quickly get attacked.

Some amusing battle moments occur, including seeing Glonth trying to drink Metamorpho's juices and getting a taste of Metamorpho as arsenic.

Pritor continues to battle Lionheart one on one and Lionheart quickly falls. While the rest of the JLi are getting their butts handed to them as well. Then Pritor bites onto Lionheart's neck but before he can do anything...


...Pritor makes the whole attacking enemies with a large phallic object sound sexual or something. 

And yes, this means Lionhjeart is the only "New Blood" who actually isn't powered since his bite was interrupted.            




I have to say I really love this page. Pritor staring down Lionheart like that makes it almost feel like he's fighting a dragon one on one.


And yes while I loved Lionheart's attitude it was nice to see him actually get a respect for the group even though he could've painted himself as the victor had he really wanted to.

With this issue the Outbreak has concluded. Now the Earthplague begins!                                                                                                 

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Please, please, please... let Lionheart NOT be one of the many casualties of the "Post-Bloodlines Clean-Up"... Especially since he had nothing to do with the "Bloodtypes", but just had his origin coincide with the event.