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Teen Titans #92: a moment of Tim/Kon love

Saw this and was like IT'S LOVE IT'S LOVE AND IT'S REAAAAAAL

One page under the cut.

:D And then Kon goes and ruins their sweet moment...

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Wait, what, where? Any chance of a link to said promo pic?
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oops, two separate items... Batgirl reference to Kon saying trading Damian and Tim in for Steph...

I'll look for the pic... a link is outside my skill set but I'll try
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I swear I saw this up here already... it was the promo introducing Solstice (Kiran) with issue 90 and JT Krul taking over. Maybe I got the term promo wrong.... anywho...

It said 'The Future is Bright for the Teen Titans' (likely lies, all lies) and shows the new!Aqualad on one side, Kon kissing someone on the other... other Titans being Titans

It was features in the DC Comics blog The Source 12/20/2010

I hope the link will work...
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Huh. That does kind of look like Tim. Can't imagine who else it could conceivably be, either (dark hair, can't be Lori, thank heavens). It looks like they A. have bobbed-length dark hair B. are about Tim's height. *big grin* Totally Timmy. Yay.
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. . . That certainly is very Tim-like.
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Can't be Drake, no Adam's Apple (and since they gave Kon one, it's not something they accidentally forgot)
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Good point, (okay, - grumble, grumble - excellent point) although anatomy is not consistently drawn.

(I'd like to explain it away by the variation from average of the 90 degree angle between the two laminae of the thyroid cartilage that leads to the formation of the 'Adam's Apple, ' the protrusion of the post-pubescent male's thyroid on physical exam - it is this more acute angle of 90 degrees vs. the 120 degrees that leads to the notable anatomical difference between most male and female necks...)

But I WANT it to be Kon and Tim....

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But from the angle of the chin, the tilt of the head, were it a man his laryngeal prominence (yes, I'm a biology student too) would be more prominent, even if it were an underdeveloped 'effeminate' gender characteristic.


You can keep believing it's Kon and Tim, but I don't think so, it's also not Tim's haircut. As with all pre-release images, it's probably misleading anyway.
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My 'biology student' days are long, long ago my friend, my extensive clinical training and preceptorship followed of course and then I preceptored...

but I wish to suspend my belief for a ship... and Krul wants us to remain in the dark