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The History of Renee Montoya Part 10: Final Crisis

"Wait, WHAT!?" Part 10.

Yes, after pretty much a year away, I return! I skipped Parts 5-9. I'll get around to them eventually, I swear! It's really hard to cut down on stories that are pretty much ONLY about Renee, so I'll need help doing Half A Life, Corrigan, Crime Bible, and Revelations. I have 52 ready, but I'm not sure if I can post so much of one character's story (because by keeping in the 7 or less rule, I can post pretty much all of Renee's 52 story.)

Anyways, this is Final Crisis! Her role was minor, but interesting. This is Renee's first role AFTER the Crime Bible fiasco (52 and Crime Bible), and also the first (?) time in a while she's being written by NOT Greg Rucka! (This is Grant M BTW)
He used her as a throwback to the faceless GPA agents form the original OMAC comics! She has an important mission!

From Final Crisis #3, previously, Renee had been leaving clues for Danny Turpin


From Final Crisis #4, the recruitment begins!

From Final Crisis #5, The Tour of your new workplace!

From Final Crisis #6, The Voyage!

From Final Crisis #7, The Mission!

So, that's that! Renee ended up being a vital part of Final Crisis. Who woulda thunk!?
Anyways, I understand Rucka had a set goal for Renee, but I kinda wish she could've continued as a GPA. Though, I am glad that Renee is still "street-level"
Anyways, on another related note, this weekend, I have $30 Borders Gift card and I'm going to one of the closing stores. I'm in the mood for some really good comics, straight up classics. So, any suggestions as to what I should get!?

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