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A couple of fun little finds from DeviantArt, just because...

...it's the weekend, payday is just around the corner, and it's been a rough week at work.. so with that in mind, it's time for some random, pointless, tooth rotting cuteness... we warned.

I found this adorable little animated gif here

Timmy is sad, but what could possibly cheer him up?

It's that little smile that makes it perfect, no?

From fox4859

From bromance to romance... Proof that it's not just the ladies who get to have relationships in the 31st century (Since Ayla and Vi have been re-established as a couple) Though IIRC we did see Lightning Lord in the 5YL Legion with his boyfriend, but since that never happened now, though Ayla and Vi still did, which just gets confusing) in Adventure Comics 523 we discover that Legion Academy trainees Gravity Kid and Power Boy appear to be a couple (Yay for Phil Jimenez!)

Not sure what's going on with Tel's sort-of but not quite hairstyle, but it's some nice beefcake right there!