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Sailor Moon Chapter Eleven

Aka "let's see how badly Mamoru can dress".

We'll open with a sweet moment between Usagi and Luna, as Usagi wakes up from a dream about Mamoru:

Between Luna's EPIC SULKITUDE and Usagi's reassuring huggle, I think I'm getting cavities. But trouble's on it's way, as Usagi is rudely knocked over by SOMEONE MYSTERIOUS ON HER WAY TO SCHOOL. And the back is familiar to her! Presumably she recognized it by the Ray-bans and the fact he's wearing a SCARF with his suit even though it's spring. Yep, that's right, it's...

MAMORU! Usagi would recognize that dorkiness anywhere!

Motoki recognizes him as the dude Usagi always hangs around with and approaches him (unlike in the anime, they don't know each other)

Well, that's one way to make friends, I guess.

But enough of that, it's time to go to Ami-chan's house!

Oh you guys. (Usagi instinctively yelling that it's not her fault and Makoto's judge-y face cracks me up)

Ami is just rolling in diamonds, apparently.

So the sword is super special, and the Senshi discuss the events of the moon kingdom and whether they'll be able to defeat the same big bad that destroyed their kingdom (not helped by the fact that Mars sensed really BAD VIBES and that they might not all survive earlier when doing her fire divination)

Usagi wakes up feeling depressed and decides to go play video games to distract herself. AND THERE SHE FINDS...



Seriously, Mamoru, what are you wearing. If you're trying seduce Usagi into your  evil clutches, that is not the way to go.

So maybe the anime got confused and though Mamoru was really a college student and Motoki's BFF when he was just pretending to be? IDK.

The Senshis rush over and are shocked to see Mamoru and his terrible vest:

Usagi is convinced Mamoru is really a different person due to weird vibe she gets off him and the fact he well, says he is, and Luna and Rei try to get her to stay away but she's like "I KNOW IT'S NOT REALLY HIM BUT I CAN'T I CAN'T STAY AWAY."

Then she walks in on Motoki straddling Mamoru's shoulders and generally putting his hands all over him. No, I'm serious, look at this, look at his leg:

What an awkward thing for your girlfriend to walk in on. Also, I have no idea what Mamoru's even wearing here. A shirt made out of...pixels?

DENIED. Perhaps it's the weird outits and blatant ho-yay with other men that turns her off from you, honey. Also the fact you fail at being subtle about how you want info.

Also Usagi's so down on herself, aw. :(

Yeah, sorry, she's too awesome for you, dude. (Actually, in both the anime and manga, it's a pretty strongly made point that Usagi is resistant to opposed to poor Mamoru. I guess it's the fact that in addition to a strong mental will, she's got a one-track "pure" mind or whatever, while Mamoru is a a bit more wishy-washy about things, despite his good heart)

Anyway, Mako has had enough of Mamoru's shit and goes to confront him.


(...couldn't resist)

Makoto calls everyone to the control room. She start's freaking out at them that "Endou" is going to steal the Silver Crystal, and Usagi assures her it's okay since she always carries it with her and takes it out. AND THEN MAKOTO ATTACKS.

...and then Minako SWOOPS IN LIKE A NINJA, kicking Makoto in the face and knocking her the fuck out.

Wow, Mina, wow. I just cannot handle what a badass you are. I mean, it it possible for you to get more-

Oh, okay.

Whip of love, huh? You should sell that to the BDSM industry.

Motoki's down for the count, but Mamoru's in the fight as Tuxedo Mask, sparkling the hell out of everybody and thoroughly confusing Usagi.

Luna bites Mamoru on the arm and then...


You've gone too far, Mamoru. No one screw with the kitty on Usagi's watch.

She won't let you set your trap to seduce her!

It's on now.

Tune in next time for a couple full color pages (we even get to see the cowprint vest in color I know you were all dreaming of that) and an epic fight between Usagi and her brainwashed lover, culminating in her having to make a terrible, terrible choice.


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