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Oh, I remember that guy. I've argued with him

That asshole Bosch Fawstin. I used to tangle with that Randroid bigot on the Comics Journal Message Board a long time ago, and I can tell you, despite his claims to have been edited out of context, no. All they did was give us the short version. He used to go ON and ON and ON about the same stuff, but adding in comparisons of himself to Howard Roarke(really, Fawstin? Do you include his raping Dominique Francon?) and his enemies to Ellsworth Toohey.

If you don't know those names, GOD how I envy you, because I was at 17 the worst Rand cultist and read, literally, everything she'd written. Yes, everything. And I don't remember a time when my mind was more dead. When I see the likes of Ditko or Fawstin, I recognize the thinking. Reading Rand reformats your brain like some kind of virus till all you can DO is echo her back.

It murders creativity. Which is evident if you've seen Fawstin's excrescent work. Which(like TABLE FOR ONE) is an illustration of how a Randroid sees themselves: perfect and all others are compromised till they recognize the awesomeness that is that Randroid.

Isn't a table for one generally thought of as a sad and pathetic thing, by the way?


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