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Sailor Moon chapter 12 -"Enemy-Queen Metallia"

The penultimate chapter of the first arc. Actually no it's not. It's...the penultimate and a half chapter? The first arc has one more chapter and then there's the chapter after that, which is half the conclusion to this arc and half the beginnining of the R arc. Or something.

Anyway, most of the awesome and weird and bad shit goes down in this chapter, plus we have color pages and all kinds of nifty extras, so you'd best read it.

Color page!


As an extra, we also have this nifty character sheet, for the purpose of voting for your fave char! To make things extra complicated, apparently you vote on civilian IDs, superhero IDs and evil brainwashed ID's too, What's your vote? I'm torn, Jupiter would be my fave based on all canon, but Venus would be fave based on just the manga (and you'll soon see why. Also "Endou" because he is hilarious

"I'M ENDOU". See? Hilarious. I am also amused/awesomed by Sailor Jupiter randomly shouting GUTS and Venus's BANG dagger thing. And for the record, the random guy saying "I'm Amano" is from the Sailor V manga. He was basically Mina's Umino...they are clones. I have no idea who the hell Kuri and Yumi are and Kenji and Shingo got their names mixed up. OH AND the art on Beryl and the Shittenou amuses the hell out of me.

Yeah, so Beryl straight up DID melt Mamoru to death and now he's basically a walking corpse powered by evil and the crystal. HOW SCREWED UP IS THAT. Poor Mamoru.

MAMORU ATTACKS and they can't return it lest they blow up the arcade!

Poor Motoki will be confused for the rest of his life over what the hell just happened (Not really, to clarify. He will say it was bad for his heart though).And Mercury...can apparently manipulate dimensions and shit if she feels like it. She's just too awesome for rules!

Meanwhile Usagi is getting strangled by Beryl's hair...apparently Beryl was Medusa in a former life or something:

So yeah, VENUS STABBED BERYL TO DEATH in the past life in revenge for Beryl killing Endymion (and trying to kill Serenity/causing her suicide). Which explains why Beryl freaked out when she saw Venus come back to life. DO NOT SCREW WITH VENUS.

Hey, we all know that attack! Only in the manga, it's the actual chain belt she carries. Minako's not done being badass yet.


Yep, in the manga it was Venus that killed Beryl. By stabbing her in the gut in a truly epic case of history repeating itself. Screw the Hulk, I definitely don't want to piss off Minako. Also, ze jealousy backstory! "I had finally found you my love, by killing you and then brainwashing you, the best way to win guys!"

What's interesting about Beryl is that  while Usagi represents honest love, pure love that is used to help and heal and save the day, and Beryl represents that obsessive, dark manipulative love. Usagi is always honest about her feelings, forms a partnership with Mamoru, accepts him as is and strives to protect him as well as her friends- but Beryl skulks behind pillars spying, resents it when he chooses someone else despite the fact she obviously was never able to approach him and thinks the ideal relationship with him is kidnapping him and making him her puppet- a desire to control, rather than a desire to protect. And this is not just how she treats Mamoru, but the Shittenou as well. A lot of the Sailor Moon villians are of the "dark mirror" variety (clearly the Shittenou are dark mirrors of the Senshi in this arc), and for this arc, Usagi and Beryl are sort of the dual sides of the forms love can take.

Anyway, Venus sort of goes into a trance.

Then she passes out and....

Mamoru snatches her up like a creeper and kidnaps her while she's unconcious (pretty much the only way he COULD manage to kidnap her!) and Usagi jumps in the portal after them. The other Senshi use Luna's mad computer skills to follow (and the poor thing is still suffering from being pulped against a wall. GEEZ MAMORU)

Usagi tries to get through to Mamo-chan.

Okay wow, that didn't work.

Fortunately for all, Usagi is the only one cool enough to use the crystal:

Luna comes to help!

Mars tries to attack, and it just gives her more energy. Venus declares that they have to get the crystal out of Mamoru and attacks too, but Mamoru boings it back at her. Usagi desperately tries to use "Moon Healing Escalation" on him, to no effect.

...well, damn.


(I wonder if this is where Buffy got the idea...)

Okay, so, as you can see I screwed up. Usagi slashes Mamoru, kisses him, and then stabs herself, as you can see by how her hands are posistioned. I'd ORIGINALLY thought this was how it went down, but then changed my mind for some reason (I think the sword reversed itself in my braaain I'm going crazy)

So anyway. Yes. Very sad. I KNOW KILLING YOUR BF SUCKS BUT DON'T DO THAT USAGI OKAY. Ah but instinctively reliving past lives, such fun.

Anyway, tune in next week- just a heads-up, I'll be switch scanlations because this is where the one I've been using stopped updating- fortunately, there's another currently updating one that will release chapter 13 next week so I can post it! But yes, you'll probably be able to tell the switch from the difference in font and the fact the new scanlation will leave out honorifics and translate "silver crystal" properly (which will make ONE of you jump for joy judging from the epic debate of last post)

(however, I'm glad I was able to use this scanlation up til now because I went back to read how they handled the scene where Usagi and Mamoru decide to call each other "Usako" and "Mamo chan" and SO AWKWARD. "Maybe I should call him Mamoru from now on!" Whoa, calling him by his first name, don't move too fast in this relationship, just pretty much ruined the feeling the scene was supposed to convey, which is why I feel honorifics should be left in- it's often directly important to the plot or content and awkward dialogue just ruins it. An entire episode in the Sailor Moon live action (PGSM) revolved around character's use of honorifics, after all. Plus, cute nicknames are cute. BUT OH WELL, the point is we'll be using a different scanlation from now on, is what I'm saying)

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[personal profile] sethgray 2011-03-04 07:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Also, all the star seeds fall in the cauldron and are shot back out into the universe, so that would include the cats.
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[personal profile] hyaroo 2011-03-04 08:51 pm (UTC)(link)
That doesn't mean they are reborn, only that they might be. And the existence of Diana doesn't really prove anything, since the Stars arc showed that the future was changing thanks to what was happening in the present -- there's nothing that states that the exact future that the Senshi visited ever does happen after the timeline was changed.

It's all but directly stated that Chibi-Usa is conceived at the end of the Stars arc, so we know she will at least be born, but that doesn't mean things will happen the exact same way, and it doesn't mean that Luna and Artemis are ever reborn. And it doesn't mean that Diana will be either -- in fact, if things do happen the exact same way as before, that means that Diana went to her death when she returned to the past. Will she somehow be reborn as herself in time to return to the past and die again, only to be reborn as herself again, doomed to an endless cycle of death and rebirth.... or will she be reborn as someone else and not be Luna and Artemis's daughter anymore... or will she be reborn as her own sister or something, meaning there's two Dianas sharing the same soul?! The entire thing just seems to fill up with weird implications the more I think about it.

I'm holding the possibility that the cats were were fine open, but I still find it lousy that they apparently don't even merit a mention.

Yes, that part about the manga really bugs me... so you're not the only one who sometimes gets carried away with rants. ^_^*
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Oh, I can definitely see where you're coming from, but it's precisely because of all the focus on the death/rebirth/reincarnation in the Stars arc that I kind of take it for granted the cats are okay. After all, we don't get any mention of Kakyuu and the Starlights after their deaths, either.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets ranty about Sailor Moon. It's one of those things I could talk about forever, like Wonder Woman and Buffy. ^_^
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Cool. ^_^

Yeah, the Kakyuu/Starlights thing also irks me... They weren't long mainstays in the series, though, so I'm not asirked as I am by the death and non-rebirth of the cats... especially since the cats had already had a perfectly good exit scene, when Usagi leaves them with her mother.

The fact that they're later brought back purely to get killed on-screen, for no real good reason other than showing how evil Sailor Lethe was, and in probably the most callous and inglorious way possible (the only way it could have been worse would be if they were hit by a random car or something) just makes the total lack of any reference to them after that an even bigger insult.

Like I said, I half-suspect that Naoko Takeuchi was really tired of the cats at that point and just wanted to make sure they were gone for good.