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Way back in 1980-ish, after the first major story arc of "The New Teen Titans" was over, Wolfman and Perez did something in issue 8 which was more or less unheard of at the time, an issue devoted to the characters in their off duty lives, especially new characters we're not familiar with.

For legality, the cover of that issue.

Episode 8 of Young Justice (which others have noted is more Teen Titans anyway) tries more or less the same thing.

Episode 8 of Young Justice (which others have noted is more Teen Titans anyway) tries more or less the same thing, with the various characters seen in their off duty activities.

It's also the first Aqualad focus episode as, following a dressing down from Batman for lacking focus when leading a mission, he returns to Tritonis, uncertain if he wants to be in the surface world with the Titans, or back home, continuing his studies at the Hogwarts Academy of Waterbenders, sorry the Triotonis School

(In one of several nice touches, we see Kaldur and Arthur talk in Atlantean) and as Kadur returns to his old school, it's cameo time!! :)

This chap isn't named, but I think we all know who he is...

Yay! Lagoon Boy!!

This is Lori Lemaris, but again, no name (How do I know who she is? I'll tell you later)

Another student, Topo (Who has an octopid head), is using his magc to craft a magic mural which details the story of how King Orin, the Aquaman, fought the evil Ocean Master

The Aquaman was losing, but two young students, Kaldur and Garth came to his aid, tipping the balance in his favour and helping vanquish Ocean Master. (Topo added himself to the mural, even though he wasn't there, he's a little embarrassed about that but Kaldur assures him it's okay)

As a reward for their help, Orin offered them both the chance to become his protege's. Garth declined, preferring to continue his studies, but Kaldur accepted and was given the title of the Aqualad.

Kaldur moves on to see his friends, Garth

And Tula (Yup, THAT Tula, the original Aquagirl), who is Kaldurs beloved. She has the same powers as Kaldur and is not to be trifled with.

In charge of the waterbending Atlantean sorcery school is Queen Mera, who, I may add, kicks seventeen shades of ass in this episode... she's awesome.

Garth and Tula are delighted to see him back, but there's something they have to tell Kaldur, which they're not keen on doing. Can you guess what that might be. Also Mera tells Kaldur that if he DOES come back to the school, then he won't be able to be in the same class as Tula anymore, since he's missed a lot of magic classes.

Meanwhile in another part of Atlantis, another plot brews, as the Atlanteans investigate the discovery of a giant echinoderm, which was found frozen solid in an ice flow. Don't know what an echinoderm is? Look it up, or take a guess! :)

And we have someone else interested in this, a very cool take on Black Manta....

Mera and Orin announce that they are expecting their first child (even Arthur's brother Orm, who is apparently not the Ocean Master in this continuity, or at least not yet) and Kaldur discovers that what Tula hadn't wanted to tell him was that she and Garth are now... together. (Dramatic fanfare)

Meanwhile, back in Gotham Dick is working off a little jealousy. At the end of their last mission, Batman excluded him from a talk with Kaldur. Now Batman had a good reason for doing so, but Dick doesn't know this, and isn't used to having to share quality time with his Batdad. I found these nice little animated gifs over on tumblr to illustrate his feelings. (Sigh, if only he were a few of years older)

This has already inspired fanart, which is impressive (Though I also like this one better I think)

In fact he's so miffed that he's PUNCHING CONCRETE...

Batman is observing this....

So now he DOES ask to see Dick alone.... Uh oh...

For a little father/son quality time playing one on one basketball. Awwww.... this is Batman without the Batdickery... at least when it comes to his Robin.

There is a sequence of Kon and Megan which is just so dull I'm sorry, but I really couldn't be bothered capping it. Let's just say it involves Superboy watching white noice on TV, and Megan wanting to cook and her TK getting out of hand with the ingredients and it all lands on Superboy and well... oh how I laughed.

We also see a little downtime with the Flash family... It's Barry's birthday, so the West family and Iris are throwing him a party.

Mrs West notes that Barry is a lot more help around the kitchen than Wally is. Their other guests agree, yup it's Jay and Joan Garrick! :)

Meanwhile Black Manta's attack is well underway and Mera is leading the defence (and may have watched James Cameron's The Abyss one time too many)

The battle is very impressive, not quite Katara vs Master Wei levels, but very impressive, with the army of Black Manta on one side, and a bunch of Atlantean sorcerors on the other.

Meanwhile, back in Gotham, we get a little backstory for Artemis... as her mother (Who appears to be Vietnamese and is confined to a wheelchair) excitedly tells her that she's just received a Wayne Foundation Scholarship to attend to the prestigious Gotham Academy. She's not keen as she likes her school, but her mother talks her into it, being aware that it's the sort of opportunity that she can never give her.

And the big, if subtle, reveal of the episode is what Artemis real name is. It's on the letter...

Yup, it's confirmed that she is Miss Artemis Crock... which does suggest that her daddy is Lawrence Crock, the Sportsmaster.

And to finish it off, a quick shot of Garth showing what that extra magic training does as he summons the power of...


It all ends happily enough though, with no major fatalities and a nice little Garth/Kaldur scene at the end as they ponder what might have been.

Oh, and for those who wondered how I knew Lori was Lori, I can thoroughly recommend the DA account of Jerome K Moore which has all sort of fun little pictures, not just those we see on the screen, but those we didn't, and why not. :)

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zenbro: (aquaman yay!)
From: [personal profile] zenbro
Uh oh.

"Kaldur...I am your...FATHER!"

"NOOOOOO!" *loses hand*

Date: 2011-03-08 02:07 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pyrotwilight
Kaldur: Oh wait. *regrows hand*

Black Manta: Rassafrassing sea creature people.

Kaldur: Tell mom hi for me! * waves nuhand and swims off*


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