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Birds of Prey v2 #10

Four pages from the latest issue of BoP.

Everyone who read last month's issue remembers the horribly fake death of Oracle helicopter explosion scene. This issue doesn't waste too much time making it clear she was just faking it.





Apparently Babs is responsible for some of the really annoying events that have happened in Generation Lost so far, insofar as she could have stopped them, but choose not to. Thanks a lot, Oracle.

Catwoman stops by to see Hel and Dinah for the sole purpose of making it clear she's not fooled.

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Indeed. To me, the worst of Bat-dickery is when Batman is a jerk to other superheroes. Now Oracle is being a jerk by not helping them when they call for it. Yes, she is going to have Proxy and others pick up the slack, but still...
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Or not...

O’Shea: How important is Proxy’s presence in terms of allowing the series dynamics to gel and further set the series apart from the other Bat books?

Miller: Though she’s very important to how Batgirl’s world operates, Proxy has some personal issues coming up that may start to get in the way of her duties in Firewall.