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There's a complicated time-travel framing event of this multi-timeframe issues, which has Iron Lad meeting the adult versions of the Young Avengers (Tom Shepherd is Quicksilver, Ted Altman is Captian Marvel, Elijah is Captain America and so on) in the future, and him telling them a story of the very first few days of the Young Avengers to remind them who they were...

The YA at this point consists of Iron Lad, Hulkling, Asgardian and Patriot. They've just spent a session training against Iron Lad's stimuloids (sophisticated androids) of the Sinister Six (Billy is pleased Nate used using the original designs of the Sinister Six, whilst Teddy is pleased it's the original Sinister Six, he never liked Hobgoblin)

A fun Alan Davis fight scene follows, but then they decide it's date night. Billy and Teddy have plans with each other, Eli just wants to find a girl to date in the first place, and much against his better judgement, Nate joins them, he's incredibly unused to dating... or girls.... Fun nerdy discussion follow....

Yes, that is who you think it is with the mobile phone, but she doesn't play a big part in it.

Their date night is interrupted by them stumbling across Electro doing something.. villainous, but rather ill defined, and he's a whole lot nastier and more powerful than the stimuloid version they so easily defeated. We then get this page as they are recovering from his first attack.

My favourite sort of heroic motivation; the sort of hero who is scared shitless but acts heroically anyway, despite the fear! :)

Oh, and for those who were worried about the absence Future Billy, we do find out his fate in this issue, but I'm not going to mention what it is.

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some one really needs to draw the young avengers as the cast of wicked :D


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