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Ms. Marrrrrrrrvel

Before I post the Best of the Best opener and the Best I can be closer to Ms. Marvel v.2, I wanted to post something ridiculous (in the good way)- Storyteller.

Storyteller is a boy called Gavin, introduced in the Binary special, who has reality creation powers. He's the product of AIM experiments. Originally, he was limited to reading stories and then creating those stories in reality. Now, he can imagine whatever he wants.

At the end of the his first appearance, Gavin escaped from AIM and from Ms. Marvel. But, a cell of AIM is tracking him, so Ms. Marvel goes after him.

He and his friend Rich are "playing" on pirate ships in the middle of the ocean when Carol turns up. Rich tells her that Gavin always cheats to win (because he can) and that Rich just wants to go home to his family. Carol confronts Gavin and he sends her back to Manhattan. Sort of.

It's not the House of M, though Carol's status and celebrity are similar in both. (She's Captain Marvel there, for one thing).

Carol finds Rich and then Gavin turns up.

The Storyteller project is next seen in the Wa of the Marvels storyline, where AIM has a series of MODOK/Storyteller babies in jars that help Carol.
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So, what happens to him? Whilst it's fun for a story, a reality warper on this scale is just too powerful to leave lying around the Marvel Universe unattended. (What if he said something like "Y'know, we need some MORE mutants" thus undoing Wanda's M-Day thingie...)
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I'm sure Uatu is tickled pink by that development.

"Honestly, I just got shot of those bloody Inhumans and now I have this kid as a neighbour?"

Uatu suddenly finds himself with a mullet... "Sigh... I hate adolescent humans with reality warping powers"

Looks around.. sees Franklin Richard's dream-self pouting in the corner

"Oops sorry Franklin... I LIKE you though... it was a GOOD thing you did there... a REAL good thing."
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Next thing he knows, Uatu is standing in a cornfield next to Johnny Bravo.
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Isn't this kid that result of people around with the Scarlet Witch's DNA? So, he's, like, Billy and Tommy's pseudo-brother, then?

I liked his powers better when he was limited to the "bringing stories to life" thing. This is too generic reality warper.
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Hah, I love that kid and his powers. I particularly love that he's a semi-occasional Ms. Marvel annoyance. He's like her Mxy.
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Fun Fact: A character with reality-warping powers called "the Storyteller" was originally conceived as a way to erase Spider-Man's marriage from continuity before Marvel settled on "infernal pact."
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See, now that could have been a pretty good story had Peter been trying to STOP it from happening. Losing his marriage and having to work to rebuild it being the only person who knows it ever happened would make for a great (if tragic) Spider-Man story.
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I'm diggin' that spider-man costume, it reminds of the manga verse version
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The power of fanfiction!
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*snort!giggle* Ayup.
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I will give Camuncoli all the money in my wallet if her promises to never draw Ms. Marvel's face like in that last panel ever again. Ohterwise I approve of the totally useless short skirt.

Also, Gaving and Franklin need to have a fist fight.
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Oh wow
Not Cammo's best work.
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Yeesh, the second panel of the last scan? That's going to haunt me. X_X