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All right everyone.... GET DOWN and BOOGIE!

Now you've probably all see this at some point in the past. It was a ubiquitous little thing a few years back, and is still strangely hypnotic, no? (and I bet "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" doesn't have half as sleek a routine

An artist named Jessie Longeran, obviously feels that more characters should get into their groove!

J Jonah Jameson - Not many people know that the first J really stands for "Jazzhands"

Morbius (channelling his inner 1940's musical... or country and western line-dancing, which is even scarier than he is))

Jessica Carpenter Spider-Woman giving respect to the band...

This scene MUST HAPPEN!!!

Kraven and Kingpin aren't actually dancing in the same image, but you could imagine they might be on the same dancefloor...

Oddly, I can actually imagine the Kingpin as being a rather good dancer, he may be large, but I can picture him being light on his feet when he wants to be

Mysterio, always something of a lamer, and Sandman giving new meaning to the term Hammer-time!

And what's good for the Spider is good for the Bat!

At least it's not the Batusi!

The thought of Penguin doing "Singing in the Rain" (Imagine it in Burgess Meredith's voice, or Paul Williams for that BTAS flavour) is slightly more terrifying than any criminal campaign he's launched in 30 years...

The odd thing about this Ivy one is that's that would almost be a normal pose for her. But the little wagging finger would sell it methinks.

Another candidate for THIS SCENE MUST HAPPEN DAMMIT!

Eddie, with Query and Echo as his backup dancers...

And watch out on the dancefloor ladies (Literally, I think he's coming in from above), because here he comes! (One imagines that this might be... energetic rather than particularly successful)

And finally for this section, Harvey throwing some shapes (At least it's not the two-step)

And from long, long ago, in a glaxy far far away...

Give me a beat Jawa-boy! (Or possibly Jawa-girl... who can tell... except hopefully another Jawa)

The devil has all the best music, but can he recruit the best dancers?


There's always one....

And on the side of light and right!


Hmmm, possibly evenly matched then...

Jessie has many others posted at the link at the top of the page, so drop on by to see more!

In a similar vein, I found this over on DeviantArt, Bruce and Dick do the Single Ladies dance... and as you might imagine, Dick is LOVING IT! (Click on the image to go to the DA page in case you'd like to leave a comment there too)

And for legality, perhaps Shortpacked's most popular strip

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